The work week is over! I can go to bed before 12 tonight! I can sleep past 6! I made it through the week! I took a quick nap this afternoon and let Ravenclaw and Gryffindor watch TV, but I think I deserved it.

And… I have succeeded with painting! I finished the first coat of the master bedroom tonight. It was a total PITA because the taping took forever. There are closets, windows. doors, just a lot of taping. It took over an hour to tape. Ugh. Plus I had to take a shelf off and putty the holes from the giant screws that went into the wall. Yay.

The painting went pretty quickly, though. And the color just looks gorgeous! I love it. I can’t wait for The Chosen One to see it tomorrow morning!

In one week we painted the whole inside of the house. Other than some touch ups all that needs to be done is a second coat on 1 wall of the family room, a 2nd coat on the master bedroom and dining room, and a 2nd coat with better paint on the bathroom. Other than the hallway and trim, which I am not worried about at this point, that’s it. We’re done. I’m beyond thrilled! The family room should go quickly, as should the dining room. Not a lot of painting in either place. If we have decent paint, the bathroom will go quickly. Master bedroom is fussier, but 2nd coats are much easier than first coats, so it’ll go faster than tonight’s painting.

Unfortunately, I need to drive all over the place tomorrow due to horseback riding and the Imagine Dragons concert. But The Chosen One will be at the  house and in charge. And my folks offered to paint, which is great. SB might come, too, as well as another friend. I’m so lucky with good friends who are willing to help me paint!

I’m exhausted now, and looking forward to climbing into bed and reading for a few minutes before I pass out. I’m really proud of all we’ve accomplished this week! The house looks soooo much better than it did last Saturday! :)

Good night