Today was a pajama day. I love pajama days.

We relaxed, I read a couple books, and we didn’t do much until The Chosen One came over to pick me up around 4pm. I did put on clothes for that. :) The two girls stayed in jammies all day, though.

The Chosen One and I had a nice time at Home Depot looking at vanities and lightbulbs and faucets. He finished installing locks in the new house, and I had to go over to set up my phone with the side door. I like these new-fangled electronic keys!

I really don’t have anything interesting to write tonight. Hufflepuff is still off skiing with her grandparents and cousins. Gryffindor and Ravenclaw were watching Japanese Animé and relaxing, and I enjoyed finishing a book by Jill Shalvis (I reread her Lucky Harbor series in anticipation of the new book coming out on Tuesday), reading a new book and the first of a serial that came out by Chautona Havig, and now I’m rereading the Lord Peter Wimsey series by Dorothy L. Sayers.

Randomly, I just found out that the L is for Leigh, Hufflepuff’s middle name. That made me absurdly happy.

Tomorrow I can sleep in in the morning, but we have a meeting with my boss in the afternoon. Perhaps we’ll get to go to the museum in the afternoon, if they’re open.