Painting prep is moving prep

We got one step closer to moving today! The Chosen One and I went over to Home Depot and picked up sample paint colors for the rooms, then went back to the new house to test them out.

Well, we hit more than we missed. The dining room might be a bit too close to the living room, the kitchen might be a little too light, and we’re not close to getting a bedroom color, but we got the girls’ rooms situated, the mudroom/sunroom, the living room, and the library.

I spent an hour and a half learning how to paint via videos. They all really repeated what video #1 had said in 10 minutes, but it was best to make sure I had everything right. I also watched how to paint a ceiling, as we have two areas where we’ll have to paint the ceiling due to new drywall. Overall it really doesn’t look that hard. I’ll start with the girls’ rooms and then move on to the sunroom and the library, as those are going to have a lot of furniture covering them.

The girls actually did the chores I had assigned them while The Chosen One and I were out running errands. There was much rejoicing!

Gryffindor and Ravenclaw are with their dad, and due to her disagreement with my folks Hufflepuff isn’t staying there. So, I’m home waiting to run to go get Hufflepuff at the end of her activity tonight. She’s getting all ready to be a JC at Girls Camp!

Tomorrow will be painting. And then more painting. Yay! If we get painted in a week, then we can move within a couple weeks. I’m hoping to be in before my birthday on 3/22.