Nothing much on my end today. Yuki kept waking me up last night, which was annoying, but that’s about it.

Unfortunately I had another bad headache today. This vacation hasn’t started well. I’m finally feeling rested, though, and I am hoping that tomorrow will go well.

The younger two and I relaxed again today. They’re watching a subtitled animé show called Fairytale, and it’s cute to watch them cuddled up together under blankets watching.

I got an email from my cousin that Hufflepuff is really enjoying skiing. Apparently she hasn’t loved cross country skiing, but had a blast today going downhill skiing with my cousins. Next year we’ll be taking her cross country skiing again (with us and her sisters) and she’ll hopefully enjoy it a bit more with them and her camera than alone with her grandparents.

Gryffindor and Ravenclaw did go over to the book shop today, the older two had ordered books, which had come in, and the youngest chose a book while she was there. I’ll admit that I love having a physical book store a block from our house, a physical video shop a block and a half, and a movie theater and candy shop in the same block as the book store. I will miss being so central when we move. But, it’ll only be addling about 10 minutes to a walk somewhere, so it’s not like we can’t walk downtown. And to have 3x the space and to live together (finally!) will be worth it.

The Chosen One stopped in today before meeting with my boss. We were hoping the meeting would go better than it did, unfortunately. While people might be morally liable for their actions wrt improperly winterizing the house, they appear to not be legally liable. Bah, bug, and hum. I’d feel much better if we could make them pay, but I guess what’s most important is having the work done well by people we trust. If nothing else, it was nice to see him. I still get all smiley about seeing him. :) I realize that living with him will be different, but for now it makes me happy to see him.

All in all a quiet day. I’m hoping that tomorrow will be even a wee bit more productive. I can’t waste all week on rest!