I want to move tomorrow

Seriously. The work has been done in the house. I just want to paint, buy some furniture, and move already. I need more space. The oldest is being annoying, and now I’ll never get a break from her because she’s pissed off my parents and isn’t speaking to them or her father. I need her to have her own room and I need to have enough space for everyone to have their own space. I also, oddly enough, actually want to live with my husband! I want to see him more often than I am now. I’m getting tired of this.

For now I’m reading while listening to instrumental music and cleaning/organizing while listening to podcasts. She has a loud voice. It travels.

Oh, and I’m selfish because I won’t drive her to a mall in Boston. So not happening. We have things to do this weekend. And the following weekend.

I’m blurting this all here because I don’t want to yell at her. I know she’s just being 15. I know that it’s normal for it to all be about her. I know that this is normal teen-ness. I know that she isn’t trying to be a twit. I know that this is just annoying to me because I’ve had a bad week for my pain and because I’m put in the place of defending her even though the same actions that annoyed my parents annoy me. I don’t like that. However, I dislike their reactions much more than I dislike her actions. They went over the top nuts at her and I can’t deal with that any more. I need to be out of the house they own. I need them not to have anything to hold over me any more.

I want to move. Now. I just don’t want to pack everything. As annoying as it was to sort out after we unpacked, it was lovely to have movers pack my whole house when I had toddlers. That won’t happen, though, so I’ll get started on packing and purging and moving the stuff from the basement so we can get into the new house.

And I’ll learn how to paint. It’s a good skill to have. And I’ll be grateful that church folks will want to help us move.