You’re getting sleeeeepy

Oh, that might just be me.

Today was a good day. Nice morning with The Chosen One, ran errands, looked at new vanities and toilets, and then I had to get home to pick up Hufflepuff from horseback riding. Except that at the last minute she got another ride. Ah, well. I ended up coming home early anyhow.


I got some cupcakes baked and sat down to read a novel and ended up waking up an hour later. Whoops! It all worked out, though. Hufflepuff got all ready for her dance, and we picked up her friend P to come with her. I dropped them off and barely got back in time to get the younger two from their dad’s house.

The three of us went over to the new house. We saw where they had cut holes in the ceiling of the dining room and living room (and the floor of Hufflepuff’s room) in order to fix the pipes. Ugh. It looked worse than I thought it would. We’re definitely going to have to hire someone to fix up the ceilings. It’s beyond my abilities to fix, though my abilities aren’t great to begin with, honestly.

photo 2After running over to the new house we got home and had dinner and decorated cupcakes for Valentine’s day/my nephew’s birthday party tomorrow. The girls wanted sprinkles. Lots and lots of sprinkles. I wanted cute faces. We compromised. I think they both turned out fun.

Once I got them showered and into jammies I went to get Hufflepuff and P from the dance. Silly me, I thought that they left right after the dance was over. Yeah, not so much. It was more like 15 minutes or so after the dance. Which wouldn’t be a big deal except that I had two kids who couldn’t go to sleep until I got back. And I’m trying to follow my own bedtime, which clearly isn’t happening tonight.

So now to bed, and then tomorrow after church The Chosen One, the 3 girls, and I will go to my nephew’s party, then go look at paints and vanities. We lead such exciting lives!