Young Women and Valentine’s Day

photo 3So, today was busy. As evidenced by the publishing time on this post.

I didn’t wake up exhausted! Woot! We’ll see how tomorrow goes, but it was a good start to the day. Work went fine, I got to the store afterwards with plenty of time to pick up Ravenclaw after school. She had a friend come over, and they played Minecraft on my iPad with Gryffindor on her own iPad. I don’t understand how Gryffindor burned down Ravenclaw’s house, but that became a big brouhaha.

All I wanted during that after school time was a little rest for a half hour. That didn’t really happen. Whoops.

I did get everyone to have Taco Tuesday after Ravenclaw’s friend left, and then we went off to the church.

photo 2

The activity for the older two today was New Beginnings, where they welcome the upcoming Young Women (girls turning 12 in 2014) into the program. This time they did a “Values Mall”, someone had a faux shop that linked to a YW value (there are 8). Each of the 8 people presented material well, kept the kids engaged, and gave them swag. They came home with bags filled with loot. It was really cool. The kids got really excited for this, and I’m in awe of the folks who organized it. So much effort put into it! Wow.

The sugar scrub at right was a big hit here. Gryffindor got all excited to use it in her shower tonight, and when it was Ravenclaw’s turn to shower Gryffindor yelled at her not to use her sugar scrub. So cute! (and this was my “Retail Therapy” prompt for #cy365). Meanwhile Ravenclaw made valentine cookies and decorated them in her group. Her cookies came out really cute!

LuvdiscAfter we got home I had to create lunches and write a fancy blog post. This is my first time being a part of a blog hop, so I really wanted the lunches to be good. I had used a lot of my good ideas already, but I did get two good lunches created and posted. Gryffindor’s lunch is Luvdisc, a Pokémon character.

Tomorrow Gryffindor is shadowing a student at the private school she really wants to attend. We’ll see how that goes. She’s so introverted that I worry. Also, she’s supposed to have a two day shadow, but Thursday we are allegedly getting a snowstorm, which will put a kink in that plan.

Now for me to sleep. We need to get up early so I can get Gryffindor to the private school – I’m dropping Ravenclaw off with my folks, and Hufflepuff will just get to school really early, which is fine by her.