Yay and Ow

Ravenclaw selfieThe tl;dr message for today is Yay the house painting is coming along and Ow my body hurts.

So, today I had planned to just do the two ceilings that had been repaired, as the evening was booked with church stuff. Things changed.

I woke up to an incredibly sore body. Ow. My chronic Lyme/fibromyalgia was really acting up. I think the 7 hours of painting & taping really took their toll on me! Ow. My hips are especially sore, but they were sore during vacation when I did nothing. This was worse and clearly from doing too much. But it’ll all be over in a few weeks once we move in.

Toilet boxesAnyhow, I went straight to the house after work to do the ceilings. They need to be dry before we can paint those two rooms (dining room and family/living room). I had the dining room ceiling about 2/3 done when Ravenclaw called me asking for a ride. Her friend who lives 2 doors down from our new house wasn’t going home, so she was nervous about walking alone to the new house for the first time. I went and got her, and read a couple texts from The Chosen One which said the new toilets were delivered, and could I please put them in the basement. The driveway is icy, so I was really grateful that Ravenclaw was with me to help me carry the giant boxes, and just clear a way for me with the smaller boxes. We got them into the house, they look good, and now we’re just waiting for the plumber to come in and install them!

Sunroom/mudroomI did remember to take pictures of the newly painted rooms in the daylight. You can see the need for a second coat in a couple places, but you can get a sense for the color.

After I finished the ceilings (and Ravenclaw finished her interpretive dance to The Muppets songs), we went home to get dinner on the table. Gryffindor and 2 other youth were supposed to ride with me to the Temple. It was going to be my first time driving to the Temple, so I was a little nervous, but I was excited to be able to pay forward the rides I had been given. The best laid plans… L texted that she was sick, so she couldn’t go. Then Gryffindor collapsed under the weight of a ton of homework and we decided she needed to stay home and work. I got ready and drove over to pick up J, figuring that at least he and I could go. Then I was given the wrong address for him (it was the address of a great Mexican restaurant), when I found his house he didn’t come out when I honked, he didn’t pick up the phone… I had to give up after a while. Sigh.

KitchenI debated going to the Temple anyway, but I realized that I really needed to get the painting done and make sure homework happened. So I dropped off Ravenclaw with friends so she could go do her church activity, and went to the new house to get some painting done. I did a second coat on the kitchen and on the sunroom/mudroom. They’re both shades of blue, and I love them. The sunroom/mudroom is a perfect sky blue on a sunny day and the kitchen is a periwinkle/sky at dusk color. So pretty. They’ll look even better tomorrow when I can take the tape off the walls and outlets! :)

LibraryI got home at 9:15 and found Hufflepuff still talking on her Skype call with her friends, Gryffindor almost done with her homework, and Ravenclaw having just returned from her activity and finished with her homework. I got a bit of attitude from Hufflepuff when I told her that 9:30 was a reasonable time to have to get off the phone, but given that she’s been wonderful about that for the past week, I was kind of expecting it. There’s only so long that a teenage girl can go without giving her mom attitude. I’m tough, I can handle it.

Tomorrow I hope we can get a second coat done on the library and get going on the dining room and living room. The living room is huge, though, so it might take a while. A good amount of wall without much that needs to be taped off, though, which is nice. After school we’ll work on the younger 2 girls’ room and painting the final two walls. I also need to touch up a few spots on the walls we have already painted, but that won’t take long.

And now I’m up again well past bedtime. It took forever to help Gryffindor write a paragraph about her identity, my body is worn out, and I’m exhausted.