Things that make me smile

AwesomeMy photo prompts today were “an encouraging word” and “makes you smile”. Those, at least, were easy.

First – an encouraging word. On the wall next to the front door, the door we use to come in and out of our house, is a poster that says “Don’t forget to be awesome.” I love it. Now, part of my love for it is that the girls’ last name is unusual, and when I had it I used a pseudonym on Facebook and other social media “Ausome”, which has the first 3 letters of that last name, plus the last 4 letters of Awesome. I liked it a lot better than I liked my married name! My daughters co-opted it here and there, too, and it became a family thing. Now my younger two regularly say how awesome they are, and how they don’t need the sign by the door, because they’re always awesome. I say it can’t hurt to have the reminder.

Oh, and you can see a little bit of the words above/below the light switch – Lumos and Nox, the Harry Potter spells for light and putting out light.

Penguin cookie jar

The poster makes me smile, but what I used for that photo prompt is my new cookie jar. The Chosen One and I found it at Target at 75% off with the Christmas merchandise. I’ve always thought penguins were cute, but Gryffindor is obsessed with penguins, so now I notice them more than I ever did in the past. Currently the cookie jar penguin is filled with delicious cookies, so the cookies make me smile, plus the penguin itself is adorable and makes me smile. Remembering the glee in G2′s eyes when I brought it home also makes me smile.

Ants on a logThe additional “makes me smile” is ants on a log. My girls may love iPads and iPods, laptops and 3DS, but they also love old fashioned fun like drawing and making up new songs for a flute. And they like old-fashioned snacks like ants on a log. There’s something incredibly soothing in making stovetop hot cocoa and spreading peanut butter on celery and adding a few chocolate chip “ants”. (Yes, traditionally raisins are used as the ants, but no one here likes raisins, and everyone likes chocolate chips, so we swapped them).

I had a meeting this morning for the new special ed parent group. Someone else offered to lead it, and I’m resigning myself to the reality of me not leading it. I was kinda hoping to lead it, but I will cope. It’s more work than I really want to take on right now, honestly, but I did want to be in charge. Ah, well. We’ll still need other help, and I’ll see what I can do. I’m the only one with a kid older than age 6, and the only one with a kid not on the Autistic spectrum, so I think I have something to add to the discussion.

My dad and I also had a meeting about some stuff he needs my help with, and it was nice. He bought me cocoa at my favorite coffee/cocoa place, and that was a perk.

I was doing fine today until after I got out of work, and then my head started hurting a lot. I got through everything and got the girls fed before I crashed. Hufflepuff was also exhausted and not feeling well, so she also went to bed early. Gryffindor and Ravenclaw were incredibly solicitous and helped put away leftovers and weren’t too loud, and were generally really lovely while I went upstairs to lay down.

Twilight Sparkle lunchAfter a couple hours they came upstairs to go to bed and that’s when I realized why they had been so kind. They wanted to make sure my headache got better so I’d take them to Build-a-Bear tomorrow as promised. Gee, I don’t feel as loved as before! But, I figure if I’m encouraging their obsession by making them My Little Pony lunches, I shouldn’t be surprised when they are focused on buying the Build a Bear ponies! They were actually very kind to me, and it wasn’t just so I’d take them to BaB, but it was cute how they asked me about taking them tomorrow!

And now, sleep for me. Build a Bear tomorrow.