Sweet Sixteen

I’m guessing I can’t write “and never been kissed” because she saw her boyfriend last week. :) But today was Hufflepuff’s 16th birthday. Wow.

It was a pretty low key day, though. The Chosen One gave her the SIMS games she wanted, so she started playing them while Skyping her friends. Meanwhile, I went to Market Basket and got some shopping done for our family party the next day.

After shopping I started making her cupcakes, but The Chosen One and I had to go to his old apartment and pack things up, so Hufflepuff was in charge of taking her cupcakes out of the oven. We borrowed my parents’ van and drove off.

We managed to get a buffet, a hutch, a hope chest, and a movable cart into the van! And we had extra space left. The Chosen One was awesome and got me some sushi as a treat after carrying his heavy stuff. :)

We got home at 5:15, I frosted 8 cupcakes for Hufflepuff’s sleepover, and got her to her friend’s house a little after 5:30. Phew! Then I got home and had some extra time to frost the rest of the cupcakes before the younger girls got home from their dad’s.

Ravenclaw came home crying from something at their dad’s house. And then she was in tears because I couldn’t give her $20 for her to go to the carnival. Had I known about the carnival in advance, maybe I could’ve budgeted for it. But I didn’t. Then her other friend called and offered to host a sleepover. I never allow them on Saturdays because of church, but I made a one-time exception.

It ended up very nice. Gryffindor, The Chosen One, and I had a good evening, then The Chosen One went to bed and Gryffindor and I watched the 2nd Harry Potter movie while I put together a wall unit. It was great.