Snow, Skates, and Shoveling

Skates & shovel

Today is a snow day. Snowstorm “Hercules” has brought well over a foot of snow in 24-36 hours. Yesterday was also a snow day for the girls, but I had a half day of work. I was very grateful to get home safely in the snow – I haven’t driven in the snow in years and years, and hate it.

Today’s photo prompt for the 365 photo challenge was “Winter Sports”. Yesterday Hufflepuff and her friend P went to our local pond to skate, but it was covered with snow. Rather than give up, they went to my mom’s house and borrowed a shovel to go clear the snow off the ice so they could skate. They were gone for a couple hours, and had a blast. They were disappointed in a mom and teen that came out to skate, and were rude to them saying “that’s not enough space to skate!” My daughter showed more restraint than me, as I would’ve said something like “if you want more cleared off, you shovel it!” Instead, she said “clearing the ice takes a long time.” Yeesh.

Parking roadI went out to get the house and car shoveled out, and there was probably a foot and a half of snow, plus the debris snow from the snowplows. The house has a very short area to shovel, and it went very quickly and easily.

My car is parked on an off-street parking road, and there was a lot to shovel. The snowplow debris was much heavier than the light snowfall I had shoveled off our steps and sidewalk. I felt very grateful when a young man offered to snowplow my car out, and that left very little for me to do. I was really lucky to have been there starting to shovel when he came by!

Snow table

To give a sense of the snowfall, before the storm, the table was clear. The picture at the left was at about 3pm. At right is this morning at 8am. That’s a lot of snow to fall in a short time!


I also love this pic of the mailbox with the snow on top. There was more snow on the ground, of course, but a lot piled up on the table, mailbox, window boxes, etc.

My headache that started two Mondays before Thanksgiving is still ongoing. I have a specialist appointment on 1/23, and that was the first available day. I have an appointment today at 3:45 to meet with my primary care doctor about ongoing pain management. I really don’t want to go out into the snow, but it’s better to go out in the snow and get pain meds than to stay inside and be in severe pain all weekend. That was my main reason for shoveling out my car. I’ll scrape it and start it up before I have to leave.

Later this afternoon I’ll take the train to go stay with The Chosen One for 24 hours or so while the younger two girls are with their father and Hufflepuff is with her grandparents. Here’s hoping the house closes soon so we can all live in the same town! I’m starting to get a little tired of the commute, though it does give me some alone time to read and listen to audiobooks and podcasts.