Shopping and snow

shopping bagsFor Christmas every year I give the girls 3 gifts – one to wear, one to read, one for fun. This year every girl got a gift card to a clothing shop and the opportunity to have a 1:1 shopping trip with me as their “to wear” gift, along with a pack of socks. I had already gone shopping with Ravenclaw (very fun, but tiring) and Gryffindor (a bit more draining), and I was, quite honestly, dreading shopping yesterday with Hufflepuff. She loves to shop. Loves it. To put it mildly, I don’t. She also loves to shop at a store with the loudest music ever. Ravenclaw had dragged me into Justice, which is plenty loud and crowded, and that had not been good for my month-long headache. G1′s gift card was to Forever 21, and that store is known for very, very loud music.

Well, it was loud. Not too crowded, thankfully, but very, very loud. And my wonderful, considerate, sweet daughter apologized for it. She was so empathetic and worried about my headache and the music. She also found some great stuff, and we left happy. I may have been happier to leave than she was, but it all went well. The shopping at Target, the store where they play no music at all, was made much more awesome by the Forever 21 stop.

mickeyMeanwhile, we are now in the midst of a snowstorm. It’s supposed to be a long, cold snowstorm with light, fluffy snow, but an awful lot of it. Last night they cancelled school before any snow fell, which continues to confuse me. I’ve become a total skeptic about snowstorms after several failed to materialize, so I wasn’t believing that the storm would come until the snow actually started falling. In the morning, shoveling the front steps and brushing off the car before driving to work, I completely agreed with the decision. Plus, it was nice not to be awoken at 5am to be told the kids got to sleep in. I left them snuggled in their beds with a note written in dry erase marker on the mirror telling them to call or text me when they wake up. Normally I have the day off if school is cancelled, but after a week and a half vacation from work I felt like I needed to show up.

I left at noon with my boss’s blessing, came home to shovel again, and saw that Mickey reported over 6″ of snow.  Hufflepuff is off skating with her friend, and the younger two are watching an animé tv show. Tomorrow’s school and work have already been called off, so we have a quiet day or two ahead.