Running around

I spent far too much of today running around, and that’s how I’ll spend much of the weekend, too. Yay.

Today started busy, getting Hufflepuff to school on time, Gryffindor barely on time, and Ravenclaw just perfectly on time. We’re out of sync, we used to get everyone there with plenty of time to spare. The snow knocked our schedule off, and now we have to get back to it.

After work I ran over to Target to grab a few things, and to grab supplies. We have two birthdays this weekend, so there were gift bags and tissue to buy, plus a gift card and some Valentine’s Day supplies. Ravenclaw stayed after school for the Narwhal Club, and then her friend T came over. T had the least fun playdate ever, as we instantly took her over to the Toy Shop to buy gifts for Ravenclaw’s friend ML, someone T doesn’t know at all. But who doesn’t like going to the Toy Shop?

Then I had to go to my folks’ house to pick up some leftovers so we can eat them before they go bad – they’re off to help my brother & sister-in-law this weekend with their house. Had a nice chat with my mom while the two littles were home with Gryffindor, and I thought Hufflepuff was there too, but it turns out she was at the library. Need to work with her on telling me where she will be. I don’t like worrying.

We got the good news that the heat is working in half the house. We got the bad news that the upstairs needs quite a bit of work. But the downstairs has heat! So that’s a good thing.

I got Hufflepuff set up with her money for horseback riding lessons and set up to stay at her friend P’s house (she goes riding with P, too). Then I made sure that Gryffindor and Ravenclaw packed for their dad’s house, and he picked up Gryffindor while I got Ravenclaw ready for her friend ML’s birthday party. I managed to drop her off there, then I got on the train to go see The Chosen One. It was so nice to see him! *sigh*

We had a nice dinner at Chipotle, somewhere we haven’t been in at least a year, and then we watched last week’s Psych together. It’ll be nice when I don’t have to take the train for over an hour to see him! But no matter what it’s worth it, even if it’s just for a few hours.

Tomorrow is going to be busy – pick up Hufflepuff from horseback riding lessons, then take her and P to the dance. Get back from the dance to feed the younger two and get them set up with a movie or something while I go back to pick up the dancing girls. Sunday is church and another birthday party, this time for my nephew, and we’re arriving in two cars. We’re never this busy, but this weekend is nuts.

Now to snuggle up with my husband (!!!) and go to sleep. We deserve an early night before the craziness continues tomorrow.