vanityThat’s the best word to describe my day. Productive.

First thing, after dropping Ravenclaw and Gryffindor at school, I met with The Chosen One to re-decide on master bedroom and dining room paint colors. He had chosen two more samples, and they were home runs! Of course, that made it to 10 choices for the master bedroom, but at least we decided.

After meeting with him I did a full day of work (well, other than the time it took to drive Hufflepuff to the orthodontist, and then bring her from the orthodontist to the house). I actually had work to do, too.

Then I picked up take-out for dinner (shrimp Pad Thai), and picked up Ravenclaw from play practice. I dropped Ravenclaw off at the Little Purple House, kissed her and Gryffindor, picked up Hufflepuff, and drove over to the new house.

wallThe plumbers had been there earlier in the day, and they had installed the new vanity (yay! old one was hideous!) and two new toilets. A huge problem in that one of the new tanks was shattered and one had a big chip in it. The company will replace them, of course, but it’s a delay and it costs money for the plumbers to come again. Bah.

My friend SB had stopped in at work to grab my key, and she was busy doing the 2nd coat on the library when we got there. Hufflepuff had dinner, then I put her to work taping off the last wall of the family room while I started in on the dining room. I painted a section/swatch and sent a pic to The Chosen One to make sure he liked it before I did the whole room. Thankfully he agreed that it was awesome.

When SB was done with the library she and Hufflepuff finished painting the last wall of the living room and the big beam down the middle of the room, then did a second coat on the walls I had painted yesterday. When I finished in the dining room I painted a swatch in the master bedroom and sent that to The Chosen One. He couldn’t tell how amazing it was, but he said to paint a wall and send a pic in the morning. I really hope he likes it (and it dries well), because I lurve it. It went on looking like denim. I couldn’t stop saying how much I loved the color. It’s gorgeous. If we had to go through 10 samples to get that color, it was worth it. Yum.

M and SWhile I was drooling over the master bedroom paint color, Hufflepuff and SB started on the bathroom, painting it the same Eggnog as Hufflepuff’s room. Weirdly the paint was really thin. I don’t think we noticed it at first because we hadn’t painted any other rooms previously. It was super liquidy and hard to use. The first coat went on really poorly. We’re going to bring the gallon back to Home Depot and show them how liquidy it is and ask them to replace it. We’ll see how that works.

We did get a first coat up in the bathroom, but it’s a crummy first coat. And Hufflepuff gave up, giving me the paintbrush as soon as I finished with the wall in the master bedroom. This was my #cy365 prompt “Seize the Moment”. She really seized that moment! :)

Now to get some productive sleep and be ready to do it all over again tomorrow! I need to take a couple pictures of the paint in the daylight so The Chosen One can see it. Tomorrow night I’ll do a little more painting, and then I have helpers coming Saturday. Phew! I can see the finish line!