More painting, and then more painting

GirliesToday started out achey. My body is really protesting all this work! But, I need to get the painting done so we can start the moving process. I keep telling myself all this work will pay off, but it’s hard when my body hurts. Bah. Why do I get stuck with Lyme AND migraines AND Celiac? Just one would’ve been fine, thankyouverymuch. Blessedly paint fumes don’t trigger migraine peaks. So I can be grateful for that, at least.

After work today I started taping the upstairs bathroom and removing tape from other rooms. Ravenclaw and her friend K walked over after school, and they did homework while I touched up the two walls in their room that had already been done. Once I did that they started in on the other two walls (one at a time, of course). I did the edges/cutting-in, and they did almost all of the rolling. K is a natural! She did a fabulous job! And Ravenclaw is really learning about painting – she did great! I think these two walls will show that we learned a lot since we painted the first two walls. :)

FishingI had Gryffindor walk to the new house after school, too. She’s not a huge fan of painting, so she was working on taping the dining room and removing faceplates. She’s very good at that! (She did do a few strokes of the roller in their room so she could say she had painted her room. But it was just for show. The paint was already on the walls.) Anyhow, she found a little round hole in the floor, and got all excited. She wanted to find out where it went, so she took a nickel and made rope out of blue painter’s tape, and dropped it down the hole. She was convinced it must be a magic portal, and something like Narnia was on the other end. I didn’t want to crush her spirit, but when she sent me down to the basement to double check that it was a magic portal, I pulled on the “rope” so she knew I saw it. In the pic she’s decided that she was fishing for magic basement sharks after I saw the rope in the basement. So I didn’t crush her spirit. And her imagination got her a break from taping.

Dining room in progressI really do like painting now. I feel like I’m accomplishing something immediately. It’s wonderful! I can see that I’ve done something to make our house our own. However, I don’t like taping very much. No one does. It’s boring and time consuming. But, it’s necessary unless you’re very, very good. I’m not that good yet. And given my hand shaking it’s unlikely I’ll ever be that good. All of this goes to say that after Gryffindor did much of the taping in the dining room, Hufflepuff and I were all set to paint it. The dining room isn’t that big, and with the taping done we knew we could finish it with time to spare while the younger two were with their dad. But, when I sent a pic of the beginning of the wall to The Chosen One, he had second thoughts about the color.

Hufflepuff and I got frustrated. We had spent a lot of time and a lot of samples picking colors, and it was frustrating to have him change it. And, I had gotten my child labor to do much of the monotonous work for me. We ended up deciding I would finish the wall (I had already done the edges), and we would look at it in the morning with natural light. However, this meant that we needed to tape and prep the family/living room. Bah, bug, and hum. Neither one of us wanted to do that. And we were both tired and grumpy in general, so we might have shared those feelings with The Chosen One. And emotion doesn’t travel well via text. Neither one of us is mad at him, we were frustrated by him and grumpy about the situation. And Hufflepuff is 15. She’s emotional. She thinks he should have to paint the wall since he’s the one who changed his mind. I think I’d rather not have The Chosen One painting, as his OCD would drive me bananas. I’m happy to repaint, it won’t take very long, I just don’t want to go through the mind numbing chore of looking at colors and samples again. It drives me bananas.

Living roomSo, we’ll meet in the morning and see what we will see. In the meantime, Hufflepuff and I really knocked out the living room. It looks gorgeous! We got 3/4 of the walls done, and the wall that is left requires a lot of taping, but not a lot of painting – it has a sliding glass door and a big bay window like in the dining room. The hideous orange peeks through here and there, so it will need a second coat, but the color is delicious! Love it! It’s amazing to me how fast a 2nd coat goes on – it’s amazing. I’m not worried about finishing it. Though I do need more tape. And perhaps more rollers. I’ll have to check.

Tomorrow I have to work a full day, but I have to bring Hufflepuff to the orthodontist in the morning. And I’ll have pick up for Ravenclaw at 5:30 after her play practice. Then I’m painting with my friend SB again, and I’m hoping she can help with the master bedroom, or (if we can decide on a color) help me finish the living and dining rooms. She’s the one who did the paint on the library, but I want to wait for Saturday to do the 2nd coat there so I can see it in sunlight. It’s a big room, and the color is dark. Seeing it in daylight will really help me see where the problem areas are.

Now it’s off to sleep, busy day again tomorrow!