Migraines and Packing

packingSo, that’s today. I had a bad peak, so I took the meds from the headache doctor. They make me nauseated and sleepy. Which sucks. So I went home after work and didn’t get much done. Then I started feeling better. Then the headache came back. This time I took the regular painkillers. Those don’t knock me out as much. But I still didn’t get much done. It feels like there’s so much to do I won’t get it done. But I will.

My boss leaves tomorrow for Disney. He’s going with all 3 of his kids, their spouses, and his 6 grandkids. It should be fun.

I have a full day of work tomorrow, though. Which feels stupid because he won’t be there. But I’ll get some stuff done.

I’m hoping to get a goodly amount done after work tomorrow and after work on Friday. I’m amassing boxes from the liquor store and grocery stores. I like collecting boxes. It makes me feel productive even when I feel like crap.

cupcakesRavenclaw was both productive with her room and with food. She made the cupcakes. I’m quite proud. Hufflepuff also got productive with her room, but she spent 13 hours skyping today. It’s gotten out of control. Gryffindor got nothing done other than her homework. She’ll do more tomorrow.

The bomb threats were not repeated today (yay!). No devices allowed in school tomorrow, though. But they’ve relaxed the other restrictions – they’re allowed to bring backpacks and lunch boxes tomorrow. There was a strong police presence today and will be again tomorrow. The Chosen One and others have reminded me that bombers don’t usually threaten. If they want to bomb they will, they don’t make threats. The folks who make threats just want to get a reaction. Well, that worked. We’ll see what happens.

Tonight I need sleep. And then to run errands for my boss in the morning before work. Yay.