Happy Valentine’s Day!

This was the 3rd year in a row that The Chosen One and I went to Legal Seafoods for Valentine’s day. Perfect. We had raw oysters (he has come to love them), and I got fried clams. I love the gluten-free menu at Legal! It’s the bestest. Our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife, though. :) It was fun to buy the card that said “husband” on it. I like saying that.

In other news I woke up sick, with a fever and a level 8 headache. Ended up having to miss work and take extra meds and pass out. It was not ideal.

However, I felt better after noon and was able to get Hufflepuff to her orthodontist appointment, pick up Ravenclaw, go back to get Hufflepuff, go to the sports shop, get all of Hufflepuff’s needed clothes for the weekend of skiing, return to the house, get Gryffindor for her orthodontist appointment, drop her off while I went to Market Basket and Target, then go back to get her. The whole day was made better by going to Stowaway Sweets (best chocolate anywhere) and buying Valentine’s Day chocolates for the girls.

I brought a box of chocolates to The Chosen One, knowing he wouldn’t eat them. So I bought myself chocolates. It works out. :) I knew that if he was in town he would’ve bought them himself. When it’s close to a holiday they stop taking phone orders. It works out, though, because between my awesome book club friends and me buying chocolates I will have had 10 pieces of the bestest chocolate around. :)

Overall a lovely Valentine’s Day. And the last one where I will wake up away from The Chosen One! I look forward to when we’re living together and I can wake up and see him every day! So many more memories to make!