Church and house painting

eggnogLame title, but that’s what we did today. Yay!

Church went well – Hufflepuff went with us, and she got a fair amount of attention welcoming her back, plus she has a sprained wrist, so that got some attention, too. Thankfully she has a good answer (skiing) for what happened.

I didn’t have to teach today, which meant I was able to go to the other meetings, which is lovely. I often end up teaching for weeks and weeks in a row, but it’s nice to see the other adults on Sundays, too. I also like having a little more to think about. I do miss the kids in my class, though – we missed last Sunday due to migraine and snow, so I’ll be really happy to see them next week. I’m a little sad I missed teaching about Noah, but I’ll live. Ravenclaw came home with a nice bit of coloring she did of the animals from the ark.

purpleI was trying to talk to a few people after church, so that meant the girls got to hang out with their friends for a while. It was lovely. :) Even Hufflepuff had fun – her favorite baby & toddler were there.

After Church we went home for lunch and I went out with The Chosen One to finalize paint colors. Again. At this point we’ve looked at 8 colors for the bedroom. Thankfully we’ve chosen one! Woohoo!!! There is much rejoicing! The dining room and our bedroom will be the same dark blue.

Today’s painting went well. I did the edging in Hufflepuff’s room and helped her get started on a second coat while Gryffindor and Ravenclaw worked on taping their room. The Eggnog color in Hufflepuff’s room looked amazing with the second coat, and she did a wonderful job of doing most of the painting. Fabulous! The younger two have a different shade of purple on each wall. So we taped off 2 walls and did those, and tomorrow I’ll move the tape at the corners of the walls and do the other two walls. I did the edging there, too, and Ravenclaw did most of the painting. She did a great job! I was really impressed! She’s a little shorter than the rest of us, so I needed to do the top of the walls, but she did wonderfully on the parts she could reach.

painting swordsTomorrow I have a bunch of people coming to help, so that should be great. I’m going to have to see what we can delegate where. I’m really looking forward to getting as much of the house done as possible this week, though! It’s amazing how much better a room looks when it’s been freshly painted! It really brightens my soul and leaves me feeling wonderful. I’m impatient to get going on it!

By the end of our time at the house today the girls had gotten fed up. They were hungry and tired and deprived of chocolate (all I had for a snack was pretzels). Hufflepuff kept up Skyping her friends, but Ravenclaw and Gryffindor took the paint sticks and used them as swords to fight. I liked the look of them with their shadows against the yellow wall. That’s going to look so nice when it’s pale blue! *sigh*

I’m finding that I really like painting. I kinda want to take the week off for painting, but I can’t afford that. I’ve decided that I’ll take a few days off before the move and the Monday after the move off to finish getting things settled. All in all I’m glad I had last week off with the girls to relax, because the next 3 weeks are going to totally be crunch time.

Oh, and before I forget, I got rides for the older girls to see Imagine Dragons on Saturday. I had thought I had a ride for them with my friend L, but she and her son are going 5 days later. So, less helpful. I emailed the other moms from church who are going, and found the girls another ride. Phew! Somehow I thought the concert was on the 14th. Yeah, I was really off! I’m glad Hufflepuff said something to me yesterday!