Friday night’s alright

photo-10Today Gryffindor and I submitted her final private school application. She was asked to write an essay about a place that has had an impact on her. She ended up writing 2 pages on Children’s Island, the camp where she and I both attended. Hufflepuff went for a few years, then got tired of it. Ravenclaw has been there for 3 years, but Gryffindor has been there for 8 years and I was there for 10. The pic at right is the picture she submitted with her application. It shows her obsessions without looking overly crazy.

Unfortunately, my site has been up and down as my server has to redo the RAID array, server, and router. They are taking everything down tonight, and tomorrow should be fine. Thank goodness.

I’m really proud of the lunches I made yesterday. Totoro, especially, was really cool. I’m glad the post finally went through! Hufflepuff really enjoyed showing off my creation. :)

I’m now on the train to go to The Chosen One’s house. This is probably one of the last times I’ll be doing this, and there’s a mixture of sadness and joy. I’ll be nostalgic, but it’s nice to not have to do the commute every week.

I’m still feeling a little blah. I’m looking forward to quiet and downtime for tonight and tomorrow before returning to the crazy of my own house.

Monday is MLK day and we’re straying from our 3 year tradition of MFA on MLK and going to the carousel and the aquarium again in the hopes of visiting on a day that isn’t as crazy as it was during Winter Vacation. If it was warmer I’d say we should go to the zoo, but the weather is so changeable in January in New England that it’s best to go somewhere indoors.