Family Time

Today was a day filled with family time, the perfect way to spend a Sabbath day.

The younger two girls and I went to Church, and Hufflepuff went to her other church, too. When church was over The Chosen One picked Hufflepuff up, and we all met at my nephew’s birthday party. (Technically he’s the one of my step-cousin’s four kids, but nephew works as a quick explanation) My cousin’s boys are each a year younger than my kids, plus they have a 6 year old daughter.

The family parties my cousins have for their kids’ birthdays are always fun. The kids tend to get along really well, and usually there are a lot of adults. This time, though, my parents were in CT helping my brother and sister-in-law with their house, and my cousin-in-law’s parents were in Maine skiing. There were some awkward conversations with some adults, but overall it was fun. There were a lot of congratulations going around for our wedding last week, which was lovely. (The lovely ladies in Relief Society asked me about my wedding (and my last name) during church, too. I’m not changing my name, something important to know when you call people Brother or Sister last name!)

After the party we all met up at our house and then the four of us (minus Hufflepuff again) went to Home Depot to look at paint. Amazingly, Ravenclaw was so awesome about colors. She picked the perfect colors over and over again. It was amazing! She really knocked it out of the park! Gryffindor found a few things, too (like the perfect yellow for the mudroom). We need to bring the colors to the new house and really look at them in the sunlight in the house, but I think we’ve got the right colors. Finally! Now to get the ceilings back to normal after they fix the pipes. We also dragged the girls to look at vanities, toilets, and toilet seats. Big fun.

After picking colors we came back to the house. Gryffindor had homework, I needed some rest, and Ravenclaw worked on her pestering skills while Hufflepuff kicked everyone out of her room. It was lovely family bonding time. Especially when I accidentally fell asleep and almost slept through dinner. Whoops!

The Chosen One had gone back to the house to get some measurements, so he came by one last time before heading home. I can’t believe we’ve been married a week! Wow! It’ll be even better once we’re all in the same house! I do miss him a lot when I’m getting ready for bed, in a way I’ve never missed him before.

And now it’s time for bed again. My short nap earlier did nothing to make me not able to sleep tonight.