photo 2Today had two big things.

1 – Gryffindor spent the day shadowing a student at the private school she most wants to attend. She loved loved loved it.

2 – I took part in a blog hop. That means that many more people went to my Bento blog than usual. I was so excited and proud of myself! I got a lot of nice comments, too!

My #cy365 prompt for the day is Red, so I used an app to remove all the color then re-added the read hearts from Gryffindor’s lunch.

photo 3After the winterization gone awry issue, the plumber fixed the pipes in the new house. However, we got some dampness and a bit of mold in the walls, so the walls and ceilings in a couple of rooms had to be torn out. Yeesh. I stopped by to check it out and was a bit horrified at what I found.

The Chosen One says I don’t need to worry, he has everything under control, and all will be well. I’m having to trust him on this one, and it’s hard. But there needs to be only one point of contact for the workmen, and he’s the logical choice as he’s the one with the name on the deed. I wish we were in the same house (or even town!) so I could follow more of what’s going on, what the timeline is, etc. Communication is probably something we should work on. We have a lot of adjustments coming once we’re finally all under one roof.

photo 4

Even if everything is under control it’s still disconcerting to walk into your house and see the drywall taken off and see the innards of the ceiling and walls. I should also calm down because it’s only 2 rooms that have work being done in them. That’s not that bad, considering. I need to pray about this, as the stress of worrying isn’t good for me.

Timeline for today – get everyone up; drop Ravenclaw with my mom and drop Hufflepuff off at school really early; get Dunkin Donuts cocoa for Gryffindor before taking her to the private school for her shadow day; get to work early; after work run a couple errands, then pick up Ravenclaw from school and drive directly to the private school to pick up Gryffindor. After picking up Gryffindor we came home to find Hufflepuff on a phone call. She stayed on the phone until I forced her to disconnect at 9:15 so I could read House of Hades to the girls and we could get everyone to bed.

photo 1In between there we went to the book store to get sequels to the books they all just finished. It was a pretty good day.

I’ve now dozed off 3 times trying to write this post. Maybe my body is telling me something! Good night all. We’ll see what happens with the weather in the Northeast with the new blog home coming to us.