We have a closing date!!!


The Chosen One and I will be homeowners one week from today!!! We got the word today – so incredibly happy! I was getting convinced it would never happen – we put in the offer in October. I don’t recommend short sales. Truly.

I’m so incredibly excited! One week from tomorrow I get to see a doctor about my migraine, too. Woot!

We’ve been picking out paint, but more than anything else we’re excited to start getting the house fixed up (we need a new roof and a new boiler before anyone can move in) so we can live together as a big happy family.

photo 1-3In less happy news, the flat tire couldn’t be fixed, but needed to be replaced. In extra bonus bad news, the spare also got a flat, so I got stuck at the most expensive tire place. Ugh.

Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I’ll have a new tire, and then I can hunt down a new spare tire, and then we can be mobile again.

The FoolAs I was waiting to hear more about my flat tire, today I did get to eat at my favorite local restaurant (yay for gift cards!) and then went for a walk around the waterfront in Salem. The schooner Friendship was in port, and I got a nice picture of the figurehead of the ship as well as of my lunch.

Life Alive is a really cool vegan restaurant that tastes divine. Hufflepuff puts up with it, Gryffindor loves it, and Ravenclaw refuses to try. I go frequently with my friend M, and I’m looking forward to taking The Chosen One there soon. Yum. For now I’ll enjoy the fact that I now have enough stamps on my card to get a free meal next time! Woot!