Painting day

Well, after watching the hour and a half of videos on how to paint, I felt pretty darn prepared today when I went to start painting. What I wasn’t prepared for was how long it takes and how much effort it requires. My arms and wrists got a good workout!

Hufflepuff and I worked on removing faceplates, putting the drop cloth down, and taping all around the room. I started with the cutting in with the brush, and she worked on the roller. Somehow we only bought one roller (duh!), but The Chosen One ran out to buy us a second and third so we’d have a long pole for when I do the ceiling in the dining and living rooms. (The leaking pipes mean that they had to tear down and put back up a couple walls and a couple ceilings.

We got a first coat down in Hufflepuff’s room, and then got putty and faceplates done in the other girls’ room. Tomorrow we’ll do the second coat in Hufflepuff’s room and tape and paint in the other girls’ room. Hufflepuff’s was a good one for a guinea pig room, as hers is all one color. Her eggnog color was going on top of a pinkish purple, so even with primer included in the paint it will need a second coat to cover completely.

The younger girls have 4 shades of purple going up over white, so I’m hoping and praying theirs will only take one coat. It’s going to be a nightmare if we have to do more than one coat.

We are pretty darn set on the dining room color and the new kitchen color. Not 100% on a bedroom color, though.

We got the paint for the sunroom/mudroom, and my friend Susan is coming over on Monday to help me paint. I’m hoping it goes up smoothly. That’s a blue on top of a yellow.

I’ll also have to prime the ceiling and walls that were re-drywalled. That should be done soonish (tomorrow? Monday?) so that when people come to help paint they don’t have to worry about the priming. We’ll also need to get the paint for the living room, dining room, and kitchen. And the library. Yikes, that’s a lot of paint! Here’s hoping many friends can come help! :) I will repay with baked goods!

The Chosen One made it so we have wifi in the house! Squee! Tomorrow he’ll work on vacuuming and finishing the shoveling so we can put our awesome new mat out in front of the house. The awesome new rug will probably go up after we paint the sunroom/mudroom.

I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures today. I’ll have to take some tomorrow.

Here’s hoping the painting goes smoothly so we can work on moving on 3/15, which would be perfect. It’ll be better to move things once the paint is up so I can bring over things into the new house.  Changes are coming! And oh my goodness the whole world will be better once Hufflepuff has her own room and we all have more space!