Another day

photo-19Today started out lovely. It was so nice to wake up next to my husband! (wow, that feels weird to say) :) And then to get ready for work like a normal couple.

Sadly, because the house isn’t finished, I had to leave to go on the train to work while he stayed home to get ready for his work. And then after work I went to my house and he stayed at his. :( Have we done this for almost 5 years? Yes. Is it somehow different today? Yes. I didn’t feel any different after the wedding, but I do feel different now. Lots of “wish you were here” texts.

Today’s #cy365 prompt was soft. They suggested using a macro lens on flowers, and so this is a pic of some of the flowers from the wedding. I picked up cake, flowers, and a beautiful print from my parents when we stopped by their house this afternoon. The flowers feel very springy in comparison to the snow that fell today.

I also had a bad headache this afternoon and was grouchy and snippy when the girls were annoying. I also fell asleep by accident. Whoops. Dinner was a bit later than expected.

Gryffindor got into one of the two schools she had applied to! We were very excited by the acceptance email! Now to see about money and scholarships and financial aid. It would be a good fit for her. She has a 2 day shadowing at the other school coming up next week, too.

Gryffindor had more homework than she thought she had, so she collapsed in tears, and now after spending last night curled up with my husband (loving that word!) I’ve got a 13yo curled up in my bed tonight. It’s a radically different night.

I totally get the desire for a honeymoon now. I want to shut everyone else out. Feh.