A Painting we will go


So, today was all about painting. It was really hard to wake up this morning after a week’s vacation! The girls and I really just wanted to stay in bed, but we did get up and everyone got to school and work early. After work ran quickly to Whole Foods for milk, and then to the new house right away. T, my Visiting Teacher from Church came over, and she helped me tape the mudroom.

After she left I started painting. I primed the ceiling and the walls that were just drywall. When that was done, I started in on the mudroom, changing it from a greeny-yellow to a pretty sky blue. When I had gotten part way into it, my friend SB came over with her daughter ML. They started in on the library, taping and painting. It was amazing how quickly the paint went up and how good it looked so quickly! The natural lighting in the library sucks in the evening, so the picture really doesn’t do it justice.


The picture also makes it look like the original color is white – it’s not, it’s a yellow that really didn’t go with what we wanted for the house. I’ll have to take pictures of the finished rooms tomorrow.

Hufflepuff and Gryffindor came straight home after school. Hufflepuff’s wrist was still hurting, so she got a day off from painting. Gryffindor had homework, so she was given a pass, too. Ravenclaw didn’t finish her play practice until 5:30, so I left S and her daughter at the house when I ran over to get Ravenclaw and pick up a light. The light really made a ton of difference in being able to get a good read on how well the paint was covering the walls.

ML and Ravenclaw worked for a little while before ML’s dad showed up. After a tour he dropped Ravenclaw off with her sisters at the old house and took ML home for dinner and bed. I had left my kids with chili in the crock pot, so they ate while I obsessively painted for 7 hours.

kitchen wallAround 6 my friend M showed up, and she was soon followed by my friend SBK. They got started on the kitchen. It’s amazing how fast 4 people can change 3 rooms! We really made a huge, huge difference in the house.

It looks like the kitchen will need a quick second coat, and the mudroom as well. But, having already taped the room it’ll go quickly. SB did two coats on the library, so it’s looking amazing. My hands are currently coated in paint from 3 rooms, as I worked on all three.

Tomorrow I want to paint the two ceilings after work. I have to take a few teens to the Temple tomorrow night, so I can’t paint for 7 hours again, but I can get in an hour or two after work and before it’s time to make dinner and leave.

Hufflepuff’s room is fabulous, but her sisters’ room still needs some work. I need to do touch-ups in a few places on the two walls we finished, then I need to re-tape and paint the other two walls. That should be a pretty quick job, so it’s possible that Ravenclaw and I will get it done after school tomorrow. I have asked her to walk to the new house after school, and I’m waiting to see if that happens or not. If her friend Z is walking home, that’s perfect, as Z lives two houses down from us. But, if Z isn’t walking, then she’s nervous to walk alone, which I understand. It’s still a new routine and a new house, so it’ll take some time for her to get used to it.

Tonight I’m feeling tired (duh) and feeling incredibly blessed that I have friends who can paint and love to hang out, chat, sing along to songs, be silly, and paint together. And I feel a bit embarrassed that a 10 year old can out-paint me. Seriously, ML is fabulous. She has great roller skills and she’s painted a lot more than I have. Oh, and she never gets any paint on herself. It’s almost freaky. At first I was thinking it was ok that she was painting because it was a first coat, and we knew it would need a second coat. And then I saw her paint. Yeah, she showed me up.

Wednesday we’re having another painting party, and I’m hoping to get the dining room and the living room done. If we can do that, I’ll be totally psyched. Hufflepuff is going to help me on Thursday night, and if I haven’t finished her sisters’ room by then she can help me finish that. That will just leave the master bedroom for me to do. The upstairs bathroom and the hallway are another problem. I’m thinking we should use leftover paint for them (Hufflepuff’s room color for the hallway, & either the mudroom or kitchen for the bathroom), but I don’t know what The Chosen One thinks.

The Chosen One is going to be so impressed (I hope!) tomorrow when he comes to the house! We’ve made huge strides in a short amount of time. Unfortunately he’ll see the flaws, too – he’s the first one to see tonight’s painting in daylight, so I hope he remembers that we can touch up/do another coat if it’s not perfect. He’s going to talk basement windows with the contractor, and then later this week we’ll have an electrician coming in, the plumbers will be installing the new toilets, and the roofers will be coming soon. Whew! Busy week! Oh, and we need to get a new vanity for the downstairs bathroom, too.