A Good Day

Today was actually really nice. Of course I’m having problems posting my update now, but everything was pretty good before that.

The Chosen One was in town today to check in with the plumbers, the town’s water department, and the Bad Plumber. The new boiler looks so pretty! And it looks like we might have heat and hot water this weekend! Squee!

Having The Chosen One in town meant that Hufflepuff didn’t have to walk for 15 minutes to pick up Ravenclaw, The Chosen One could just drive over and pick her up from play practice while I was at work. This was his first “dad duty” since we’ve been married.

It was very cool to walk in from work (Thursdays are the one day I work until 5pm) and see The Chosen One and the three girls waiting for me! It was great! Of course, the younger two were trying to beat each other senseless, but it was still nice to come home to my whole little family together.

The Chosen One and I had a lovely meal out after the younger two went with their dad, and the oldest was watching YouTube videos and grateful for take out.

Now to bed, and to post this in the morning.