The day that was killed by the migraine

I hate days like this. I want to just chop my head off.

I got home from work and was a little grouchy. My head didn’t hurt, but I had this weird feeling that is the precursor to some of my migraines. And The Chosen One can see when I’m feeling off. He’s really amazing like that. It can be a little annoying, honestly, but he is very perceptive.

It was a pretty normal Tuesday after work – Ravenclaw went to her friend’s house, Hufflepuff had Gay Straight Alliance and had me drive her and her friend home afterwards, and Gryffindor got a ride home.

I remembered to put dinner in the crockpot, so we had the ribs. They were good. So were the baked beans, the rice, and the artichokes. I was hurting during dinner, but it wasn’t horrible. Hufflepuff and Gryffindor didn’t have a YW activity, so I just got Ravenclaw over to my friend SB’s house for a ride, and I was done with my obligations for the night!

So when I got home I went upstairs and took my meds and went to bed. I love that I’m married and can leave someone else in charge of my kids! Admittedly they’re old enough to take care of themselves, but it was nice to not worry. Hufflepuff (surprise surprise) went upstairs to Skype her friends.

The Chosen One and Gryffindor watched Disney channel for an hour or so while I was curled up in a ball in pain. Yay. I love that I could hear a little bit of sound (I could tell when they were talking, but not what they were saying) but the TV isn’t really audible upstairs. The sound carries really badly from upstairs downstairs, but not vice versa.

When The Bonus Child arrived for the night, he and The Chosen One had a great chat. They both sounded happy! And The Bonus Child wasn’t monosyllabic and grunting! It was a miracle! Apparently he was also giving Ravenclaw the wrong answers on her homework when she got back from Church, but that’s his normal behavior, so I’m happy to hear it. She shouldn’t be asking for help, anyhow. :-P

I’m hoping that there will be more days when The Chosen One and The Bonus Child can bond.

Some days you wish there was a reset button

Today went well at work. I came home feeling really blah. The Chosen One was working from home, but I just laid down on the bed and read. Gryffindor and Hufflepuff were doing their own thing, and Ravenclaw was off with my mom.

I rested and did nothing productive at all for a couple hours, and then Ravenclaw came home. That didn’t make me any more productive, though. I did get up around 5 thinking I was going to go to the Temple with my friend SB at 6. Sadly, the general blah-feeling was not improved by standing up. Instead I had a migraine pop in. Yay. I had been feeling one sneaking around on the outsides of my brain, but I hadn’t felt it start throbbing until I stood up.

So, I took my meds, crawled back under the covers, cancelled my plans for the night, begged Gryffindor to make me popcorn (the only thing that sounded appealing at all), and went to sleep. I’m writing this after waking up briefly. The Chosen One and Hufflepuff are watching a movie together downstairs, and I’m going back to sleep. Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.


I am still having GI troubles.

I went to work, though. Lots of talk about the marathon, and the office manager was playing the feed from the marathon all morning.

After work I came home to find out that Ravenclaw needed me to drive her to her friend’s house. But right as we got in the car they pulled up! :) And they brought her home later, too.

I went back to bed. It was nice.

I did manage to cook dinner (ish). Does spaghetti, reheated sauce, and fried tofu count? The girls (allegedly) cleaned up afterwards.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is better. Today was a little better than yesterday, but nothing tasted right and the food smelled wrong. :(

Not a good way to start off the girls’ spring break, but since I have to go to work, it doesn’t matter all that much to me that it’s spring break. Though I do get to sleep in a bit, which is nice.

It was nice knowing The Chosen One was home with them today. Made me feel safe. They’re pretty safe on their own, but it does feel safer to have an adult at home.

So here’s hoping even more that tomorrow goes well. The Chosen One will be at work and Gryffindor is going to my mom’s house. So I’m hoping I feel better and I hope that Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw don’t kill each other when they’re home alone.

Easter was awesome

Until it wasn’t.

We got to sleep in a bit (8:30 for baskets) because it was Stake Conference and I didn’t feel comfortable driving into Cambridge. We went to my mom’s church, and it was quite lovely.

Then we went to my mom’s house for the traditional egg hunt, with a pieced-together non-clue clue for the treasure (bunny for Ravenclaw, Fennikin for Gryffindor, emerald earrings for Hufflepuff).

We had steak and eggs (grilled steak tips and a frittada) plus artichokes, asparagus, roasted potatoes, and a bunny cake for dessert. It was delicious!

As a bonus, Gryffindor had us all singing Feliz Navidad. Until we learned Spanish for Easter, and then we sang that.

We had a nice visit with my dad & step-mom, too. Another hunt, this time for Peeps and a $5. :) Their deck was incredibly warm. So warm that Gryffindor dozed off and Hufflepuff & Ravenclaw went down to the beach. Hufflepuff took a great pic of Ravenclaw in the water. Lovely.

Unfortunately, I started to have a crummy tummy at the end of the celebration and went home to go to bed and the bathroom. I’m not a fan of GI troubles. Other than that, though, it was fabulous.


My headache was bad today. I was absolutely no fun. Sorry to The Chosen One and my girls! Meds and sleep helped, but that’s about it.

We’re now in the middle of a bad snowstorm, so we will see how much snow we get and if we can get to church tomorrow. The totals range from 4-14″ depending on who you listen to.

One cool thing is that The Chosen One installed a Kevo lock today and I got to play with it. Love it! Very cool to just touch a lock and it unlocks due to bluetooth! This is one key that Hufflepuff can’t lose! :)

Love of reading

If there’s one thing I wanted to give my kids, one thing I wanted to pass on, it was my love of reading and books. We spent a lot, lot, lot of time when they were little with me reading to them or, if we were in the car, listening to audio books. They loved stories as little kids, and we continue it today – our nighttime book is currently The House of Hades, and we’ve loved all the Percy Jackson books.

photo-16I did worry about their love of reading to themselves. Hufflepuff’s learning disability made that hard for her to enjoy on her own, and Gryffindor didn’t get into individual reading early either. Now, however, they love it. Hufflepuff broke through her LD and loves to read, Gryffindor found books she loves, and Ravenclaw loves most books.

Hufflepuff and Gryffindor have shared love for a few books (The Hunger Games trilogy comes to mind), but they tend to have very different interests. Hufflepuff loves any romance, and Gryffindor thought The Hunger Games had too much romance. Today was one of the first times I saw Gryffindor and Ravenclaw sharing the love for a book that wasn’t Harry Potter. Gryffindor had loved The Candymakers, and she is so excited to see her sister reading it! They keep talking about things in the story, and Ravenclaw can’t put the book down. It’s a delight to watch.

The Chosen One texted me to tell me to look for an email today. The plumber who “winterized” the house did a bad job, and we have some broken pipes. I’m really upset, as is he, and we had no clue until the plumber came in to set up our boiler. I don’t know how much damage we’re talking about yet, and we don’t know if we can do anything other than just fix it. I feel like the plumber is clearly at fault, but who knows what position we’re in legally. Ugh.

Today was moderately uneventful in our current house. I had to leave work early because Ravenclaw spiked a fever, and I had to go pick her up. Yay. Other than that, we went through usual stuff with homework and what not. Then Ravenclaw & Gryffindor went out with their dad and Hufflepuff and I went shopping. We found a cute pair of shoes for me and a dress for her. Not completely what we were looking for, but ah well. We found a couple other random things, and then gave up and went to Sonic to grab dinner-ish stuff. Hufflepuff had dinner. I had tater tots and cherry limeade. My diet goes to pot when I go to Sonic, and it’s close to the mall, so it’s hard to say no.

I learned something about my migraine today – my face feels worse (more numb, heavy, that kind of thing) just before the headache “peaks”. So if I take the medicine when my face gets bad I can reduce the amount of pain I feel when the headache peaks. It’s good to know. Some people have visual auras they get before migraine, I get face weirdness. I guess I’ll take it – it’s much better than having nothing.

Now it’s time for bed, the girls are asleep, and it’s my bedtime. I can feel the headache meds wearing off and my face getting weird again, so it’s time for me to read a few pages of my book and go to sleep. Tomorrow is another day, including a trip to the temple.


Lively, or not


Today I didn’t feel lively (that’s my #cy365 prompt for today), but thankfully Ravenclaw was, so she was happy to jump up and down to show how lively she is.

I woke up with a level 8 headache, and so I took the rescue meds right away. And they made me feel wretched for a while. And I started coughing. I was a barrel of fun. I also woke up tired, something that hasn’t happened in quite a while. If it keeps happening I’ll wonder if it’s a side effect of the blood pressure med…

Anyhow, I was ready to fall asleep for a bit at work, but managed to power through it, and after a couple hours I was back to my own normal. Yay.

I packed a full lunch for Gryffindor, who had a half day I had forgotten about, but she won’t eat a packed lunch at school. She likes her life to be regulated like that. Hufflepuff, who stayed home after vomiting during her shower, was able to eat her leftover sushi lunch, so that was good. I picked up Ravenclaw after school, and she was in a good mood, thankfully. 10 has been much better than 9. Much better.

This afternoon was all about me resting while the girls played My Little Pony and sorting Pokemon cards. And then came the call…

The Chosen One was outside with our new boiler! Squee! I jumped in the car with him and we brought it inside the new house! Now the plumber has to come tomorrow and start getting it set up… It’s unlikely it’ll be warm by this weekend, but hopefully we can start painting next week.

The roofer and the electrician are coming tomorrow to give estimates, but I have to be at work, so The Chosen One and I walked through the house looking at outlets. Some rooms have a bazillion and some have almost none. It’s very odd. And there are rooms where three of the plugs are 3 pronged, but one is 2 pronged. Again, a bit odd. And we need lights on the stairs to the basement. And a light switch when you come into the kitchen. Thankfully we’re completely in agreement.

Tonight I went shopping for some new work clothes and a new church dress. I may or may not have found the dress I wanted, but I definitely found a couple new work outfits, which is good. I was getting down to just a few things in a rotation. Next up after we move is getting back into exercising & dieting. I don’t think I’ll have time until after the move, and the move will be a goodly amount of exercise. My diet will have to change for the better soon, too. I can do anything after Valentine’s day. I’m willing to give up chocolate on 2/15. And other sweets. I just want to enjoy my favorite Raspberry Hugs that are only around for this season.

I had a great talk with the girls today, too. They’re excited about the house, and looking forward to the painting and moving in to just happen already!

Tomorrow Hufflepuff has to go to school, even if she’s puking, because she has to take those midterms we had to postpone from Monday. I have a full day of work, so she also has to grab Ravenclaw after her play practice. Gryffindor just needs to remember to come home and start homework.

Life is very busy. But my heart is full. I’m looking forward to this weekend – couch shopping time! :)

Day by day

Today was a quiet day. All 3 girls were home sick with fevers.

I came home exhausted and headachy and took a nap.

I’ve spent time helping Gryffindor find images for her Powerpoint on the FDR memorial as well as helping her print out the list of 90 family members for her genetic trait project.

Otherwise I spent a bit of today looking for a Harry Potter wedding quote. Haven’t found it yet.

And now I’m ready for bed. It’s seriously been that quiet a day.

2/3 of the girls are going to school tomorrow, but Hufflepuff is still feverish, so it’s unlikely she’ll be going. It’s amazing how much quieter our home is when she’s sick and can’t talk (and can’t listen to music due to a headache).

Tomorrow will be more interesting.

Capturing my 365

CaringI haven’t taken many photos today, and most of the photos I took yesterday were blurry ones of Gryffindor’s performance, so I’m inserting my #cy365 photos into the post, despite them not really being relevant to much of my day. Yesterday’s was “Caring”, which I showed by petting our cat on top of a quilt made by my grandmother. Today’s prompt was “Vivid”, which was captured by taking a pic of some of the colors we’re considering for the house.

If you’re reading this and you’re LDS, you need to watch this video: General Authorities eat a Reese’s Cup.  One of the speakers today used this parody to open his talk, and it grabbed everyone’s attention. Especially my kids, who are seriously motivated by chocolate! :) I just watched the video, and the impressions are spot on. He did a few more, and it was perfect. Loved it! So perfectly captured the tone of these leaders.

Last night my friend S called to say that she and her husband were sick, and could I please take her daughter, ML, to church with us. I was so happy to say yes! S and her husband have done so many things for us, it was great to be able to help them! Plus, ML and Ravenclaw are BFFs, and we haven’t gotten them together much lately, so that was good. I offered to take her for the afternoon, too, so the two girls could hang out. As a bonus, it would keep Ravenclaw busy while I ran some boxes over to the new house.

My original plan was to have Hufflepuff help me move things over to the new house while Ravenclaw & ML played and Gryffindor was in her school play. That plan kinda fell apart. I got one load of my little car (4 tubs, 3 cardboard boxes) over to the house and got a basement window somewhat duct taped, but I didn’t get much more done. Why? Well…

VividIt’s really cold in a house with no heat in January in New England. My poor toes were frozen. My 7 year old Emus (Ugg knockoffs) finally gave out on me, and I didn’t have warm shoes on. Plus, Hufflepuff was sick, so she couldn’t help. Like actually stuck in bed with a cough and lost voice sick. She ended up vomiting later in the evening. Yay. I ended up taking a nap rather than making another really cold run. I’m hoping to make another run tomorrow, though.

Ravenclaw and I dropped ML off after her parents had a good 9 hours of sleeping/feeling crummy. I felt like I was really helpful for the first time in a while. Of course, now I worry that ML will catch whatever Hufflepuff has, but they weren’t even on the same floor, much less in the same room. She also wasn’t interacting with Gryffindor, who ended up spiking a fever after her play.

Gryffindor had texted me that the play was over and she was at the cast party and they were eating pizza and cake, and could she come home? Of course! It sucks to watch people eat some of your favorite foods and not be able to eat it because of being gluten-free! :( I ended up making pizzas for the family tonight (though Hufflepuff didn’t eat any) to help Gryffindor feel better after the cast party.

So, I’m surrounded by sick people. Ravenclaw is getting better, both older girls can’t go to school tomorrow, and The Chosen One was sick all weekend. Awesome. My headache was even manageable this weekend. I’m feeling pretty lucky. I don’t have time to be sick, but that doesn’t usually mean I won’t get sick. Oh, and the girls’ father was sick this weekend, too. He ended up not being able to go to the play, which really upset Gryffindor. :( Thankfully my parents were able to go, so she wasn’t performing without family in the audience.

Tonight is an early-to-bed night for everyone, including me, and then tomorrow is back to work, with Ravenclaw returning to school while the other two lay around feeling crummy.

Things that make me smile

AwesomeMy photo prompts today were “an encouraging word” and “makes you smile”. Those, at least, were easy.

First – an encouraging word. On the wall next to the front door, the door we use to come in and out of our house, is a poster that says “Don’t forget to be awesome.” I love it. Now, part of my love for it is that the girls’ last name is unusual, and when I had it I used a pseudonym on Facebook and other social media “Ausome”, which has the first 3 letters of that last name, plus the last 4 letters of Awesome. I liked it a lot better than I liked my married name! My daughters co-opted it here and there, too, and it became a family thing. Now my younger two regularly say how awesome they are, and how they don’t need the sign by the door, because they’re always awesome. I say it can’t hurt to have the reminder.

Oh, and you can see a little bit of the words above/below the light switch – Lumos and Nox, the Harry Potter spells for light and putting out light.

Penguin cookie jar

The poster makes me smile, but what I used for that photo prompt is my new cookie jar. The Chosen One and I found it at Target at 75% off with the Christmas merchandise. I’ve always thought penguins were cute, but Gryffindor is obsessed with penguins, so now I notice them more than I ever did in the past. Currently the cookie jar penguin is filled with delicious cookies, so the cookies make me smile, plus the penguin itself is adorable and makes me smile. Remembering the glee in G2′s eyes when I brought it home also makes me smile.

Ants on a logThe additional “makes me smile” is ants on a log. My girls may love iPads and iPods, laptops and 3DS, but they also love old fashioned fun like drawing and making up new songs for a flute. And they like old-fashioned snacks like ants on a log. There’s something incredibly soothing in making stovetop hot cocoa and spreading peanut butter on celery and adding a few chocolate chip “ants”. (Yes, traditionally raisins are used as the ants, but no one here likes raisins, and everyone likes chocolate chips, so we swapped them).

I had a meeting this morning for the new special ed parent group. Someone else offered to lead it, and I’m resigning myself to the reality of me not leading it. I was kinda hoping to lead it, but I will cope. It’s more work than I really want to take on right now, honestly, but I did want to be in charge. Ah, well. We’ll still need other help, and I’ll see what I can do. I’m the only one with a kid older than age 6, and the only one with a kid not on the Autistic spectrum, so I think I have something to add to the discussion.

My dad and I also had a meeting about some stuff he needs my help with, and it was nice. He bought me cocoa at my favorite coffee/cocoa place, and that was a perk.

I was doing fine today until after I got out of work, and then my head started hurting a lot. I got through everything and got the girls fed before I crashed. Hufflepuff was also exhausted and not feeling well, so she also went to bed early. Gryffindor and Ravenclaw were incredibly solicitous and helped put away leftovers and weren’t too loud, and were generally really lovely while I went upstairs to lay down.

Twilight Sparkle lunchAfter a couple hours they came upstairs to go to bed and that’s when I realized why they had been so kind. They wanted to make sure my headache got better so I’d take them to Build-a-Bear tomorrow as promised. Gee, I don’t feel as loved as before! But, I figure if I’m encouraging their obsession by making them My Little Pony lunches, I shouldn’t be surprised when they are focused on buying the Build a Bear ponies! They were actually very kind to me, and it wasn’t just so I’d take them to BaB, but it was cute how they asked me about taking them tomorrow!

And now, sleep for me. Build a Bear tomorrow.