Dinner and a migraine

Today started out pretty well. Everyone got to school and work on time, and I had a pretty productive day at work. I learned how to calculate the likely estate tax for estates over $1 million in Massachusetts. Useful information.

After work I picked up Hufflepuff from her friend M’s house, then got home and saw the younger two for about 15 minutes before their dad picked them up and I went out for dinner with my friend M.

It was so nice to sit and chat and eat healthy vegan food! I’ve missed her so much! Now that I’m driving myself and the girls places, I don’t see M as much. It’s partly good, partly sad. I’m glad we found the time to get a bite to eat together, though. And I picked up some food for Gryffindor’s lunch tomorrow, too.

I was happily surprised to find The Chosen One home when I got there at 7:30. He’s usually not home until well after 8. Unfortunately, my migraine got bad after dinner, so I just climbed into bed and turned the light out.

I need to remember that I’m just grumpy when I have a migraine. I just grumped at the girls for a while for being too loud for me, but it might just be the migraine rather than them actually being loud. Hard to tell. And they’re also being more boisterous than I’d like at night, but I’m definitely more grouchy than usual about that.

Now bed. Immediately if not sooner. And more migraine meds.

Headache, the return

saladToday marked the return of a day with really bad peaks. I had some peaks yesterday, but not as bad as today. I had gotten through an entire week of constant work on the house without a problem, and then today I woke up feeling horrible.

Probably picking up the older girls at 1:30am didn’t help. Ugh. They had a blast, though, and I’m glad they were able to have such a great first concert experience.

I took a picture last night of Ravenclaw with her salad, and forgot to put it in the post, so here it is. She scarfed it down. I was hoping to get some, but no luck. Bah. :) I’m happy she liked it, though. She didn’t have any interest in the puny steak on the children’s menu, though, she needed a real one. I need to remember that. She did have some leftovers, and that made a great lunch today.

It was hard to get up this morning for church, but I knew I was giving a prayer during sacrament meeting, plus I was teaching, so we had to go. Hufflepuff stayed home, but Gryffindor and Ravenclaw and I managed to get there. Yay us!

balloonsSomeone got married the day before, so there were a bunch of balloons in the gym, and the kids were running around with them after church. Due to me feeling puny we left right after church, though. With 4 balloons that were tied together.

I made lunch then thought I would read for a few minutes, and fell asleep for a few hours. I got up and coherent in time to drive Hufflepuff to a dinner for the coming of age program at the UU church. We gave one kid a ride there and two kids rides home.

While they were at dinner I made cheese enchiladas for the girls at home, which were scarfed down. Yum. Then Gryffindor finished her homework, and we were productive while I felt crummy. I had to take two sets of rescue meds.

I’m in pain again now, and I’m fading very quickly, so I’m going to go to sleep again. More tomorrow.

By the way, yesterday and today combined I drove 125 miles according to my tripometer. Wow. That’s more than I want to drive in 36 hours, thanks.

Love of reading

If there’s one thing I wanted to give my kids, one thing I wanted to pass on, it was my love of reading and books. We spent a lot, lot, lot of time when they were little with me reading to them or, if we were in the car, listening to audio books. They loved stories as little kids, and we continue it today – our nighttime book is currently The House of Hades, and we’ve loved all the Percy Jackson books.

photo-16I did worry about their love of reading to themselves. Hufflepuff’s learning disability made that hard for her to enjoy on her own, and Gryffindor didn’t get into individual reading early either. Now, however, they love it. Hufflepuff broke through her LD and loves to read, Gryffindor found books she loves, and Ravenclaw loves most books.

Hufflepuff and Gryffindor have shared love for a few books (The Hunger Games trilogy comes to mind), but they tend to have very different interests. Hufflepuff loves any romance, and Gryffindor thought The Hunger Games had too much romance. Today was one of the first times I saw Gryffindor and Ravenclaw sharing the love for a book that wasn’t Harry Potter. Gryffindor had loved The Candymakers, and she is so excited to see her sister reading it! They keep talking about things in the story, and Ravenclaw can’t put the book down. It’s a delight to watch.

The Chosen One texted me to tell me to look for an email today. The plumber who “winterized” the house did a bad job, and we have some broken pipes. I’m really upset, as is he, and we had no clue until the plumber came in to set up our boiler. I don’t know how much damage we’re talking about yet, and we don’t know if we can do anything other than just fix it. I feel like the plumber is clearly at fault, but who knows what position we’re in legally. Ugh.

Today was moderately uneventful in our current house. I had to leave work early because Ravenclaw spiked a fever, and I had to go pick her up. Yay. Other than that, we went through usual stuff with homework and what not. Then Ravenclaw & Gryffindor went out with their dad and Hufflepuff and I went shopping. We found a cute pair of shoes for me and a dress for her. Not completely what we were looking for, but ah well. We found a couple other random things, and then gave up and went to Sonic to grab dinner-ish stuff. Hufflepuff had dinner. I had tater tots and cherry limeade. My diet goes to pot when I go to Sonic, and it’s close to the mall, so it’s hard to say no.

I learned something about my migraine today – my face feels worse (more numb, heavy, that kind of thing) just before the headache “peaks”. So if I take the medicine when my face gets bad I can reduce the amount of pain I feel when the headache peaks. It’s good to know. Some people have visual auras they get before migraine, I get face weirdness. I guess I’ll take it – it’s much better than having nothing.

Now it’s time for bed, the girls are asleep, and it’s my bedtime. I can feel the headache meds wearing off and my face getting weird again, so it’s time for me to read a few pages of my book and go to sleep. Tomorrow is another day, including a trip to the temple.


Part of your world

Today The Chosen One and I did our usual shopping, and then had a nice little nap. The Chosen One has been sick, which sucks, but it is always nice to nap. We did some quick online browsing for sectionals, too.

After our nap we packed up my stuff to go to Home Depot to look at paint swatches again. We think we might have settled on the best colors for the rooms. The girls agree with all of them, except that Hufflepuff hates the yellow (or any yellow) chosen for the mudroom. We’ll have to look at colors again, but I’m not sure there’s another color that would be best there. Hmmm…

Hufflepuff had her first riding lesson today. She helped muck out stalls, and she’s going to be aching. She is incredibly lucky that her grandfather was willing to pick her up – she had given me about 24 hours notice to pick her up. Ugh! Yeah, that didn’t work out well. I’ll pick her up next week, though.

Little MermaidThe big thing today was that Gryffindor was Ursula the Sea Witch’s eel, Jetsam in the school play. That’s her on the far left. She had a really cute outfit, complete with Christmas lights wrapped around her. She did a great job with the hissing and everything. I thought she did a better job than Ursula, actually, and that’s a role that usually steals the show. The girl who played Sebastian was amazing, though. Over all, it was a good show. Much better than the one the YMCA’s theater camp had put on over the summer with Ravenclaw in it. We could actually hear the voices this time! The stage was done really well, too.

Make up

We really liked the look of the green make up on Gryffindor. Hufflepuff and I were joking that we would have to recreate it every day once she’s old enough to wear make up (in our family that’s 14 for church, 9th grade for school).

The other big excitement was when we realized that The Chosen One had driven off with the girls’ overnight bags in the trunk of his car. That was a problem. Because he is the Bestest Person Ever, he turned around and brought them back, even though he was about halfway home. He has Gryffindor and Ravenclaw’s undying gratitude, as they really wanted their stuff – Gryffindor’s iPad was in her bag, something she would be heartbroken not to have.

When we came to town from The Chosen One’s apartment we brought a bunch of boxes, plus the cat tree. Tomorrow we’re keeping my friend’s daughter for the day(well, we’re bringing her with us to church and then having her hang out with us at the house for a little while). While Ravenclaw is busy with her friend and Gryffindor is busy with her play, Hufflepuff and I can bring some boxes from our house to the new house and start emptying out our basement and the boxes we’ve filled up.

And now I’m up a few minutes past my bedtime. Whoops! Time for bed – I need to try to keep my bedtime routine consistent as part of the headache management.

On the plus side, today I didn’t need any of the “rescue” meds. The headache didn’t peak above a 6 today. Well, there were a few 7s here and there, but in general it wasn’t above a 6.

It all went uphill from there

Today didn’t have an auspicious start, but it got better. Ravenclaw awoke with a fever and feeling sick, and I woke up to a headache that rated a 7 on a 1-10 scale. I tried the new “rescue med” for when the headache “peaks” (as opposed to the low grade headache that ‘s always there), and had some side effects. Basically, you feel like crap for an hour, but then the headache gets much better.

Hufflepuff had 2 exams today, and she felt good about both. Well, photography’s exam was just printing photos, but her other exam went well. She has 2 more on Monday, and then she’s done with midterms.

ArielGryffindor had play practice today, and then her first performance was tonight. I wish I had been there to see her! I’ll be there tomorrow night, at her first performance where she has lines. The play is double cast, so she is in the chorus for 2 performances and in the speaking cast for 2 performances. She’ll have a good audience for her two shows with lines!

Gryffindor’s lunch today included a painted Ariel on cheese and some fishes and musical notes. It was a pretty cool bento box lunch, if I do say so myself. A perfect lunch to cheer her on in her Little Mermaid performance.

I was able to go to the grocery store alone today, which is always nice. I also came home to Hufflepuff’s friend P helping to clean and pack our living room. She asked if it was ok, um, yes! Feel free! She’s willing to help clean and pack in exchange for baked goods. Sounds good to me!

I was planning to go to the Temple, which didn’t work out, but we’ll go next week. I’m very much looking forward to it. This week is possibly the last one staying at the apartment of The Chosen One. Soon we’ll all be in the same town, and then in the same house! Squee!

Finally, I’ve found 2 of the 3 readings I’d like to do at the wedding – Hufflepuff reading Shakespeare’s 116th sonnet, Gryffindor reading Harry Potter (haven’t found that quote yet) and Ravenclaw reading 1st Corinthians 13, but not the King James version. In other versions the word Love is used in place of Charity. I just like the sentiment of the reading.

And now sleep – an hour earlier than usual! Yay!

Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to the headache doctor we go…

The Chosen One stayed over last night, so I “slept” on the couch. I don’t sleep very well on the couch, but I’m the deepest sleeper, so it effects me the least. It will be so much easier once we’re married!!!

Anyhow, the appointment was in Boston at 8:30, so I dropped Ravenclaw with my mom a little after 6, made sure Gryffindor was up and eating breakfast, and checked that Hufflepuff had her phone’s alarm set to wake her up for exams. And we were off at 6:30. Ideally we’re a 45 minute drive to Boston, but that’s without rush hour traffic. And that doesn’t work for all parts of Boston. Also, we dropped my car off at work so I could get home again (the commuter rail out of Boston has a station a block from my work).

We got to the doctor 15 minutes early, so my calculations were right on! Filled out the paperwork, and got everything all set up, and then we were seen. I was really impressed by the resident (I believe) who we saw. I should note that while she was a neurologist (my despised medical profession), this group of doctors focused exclusively on migraine and headache. She was very willing to discuss alternative therapies (acupuncture was a pro, no chiropractor due to my neck & back arthritis), supplements, exercise, etc. She also noted that there were several meds that no one had tried with me, so there were lots of options. (No Botox off the bat, have to fail multiple drug treatments to get that)

One symptom I have that has baffled other doctors was a numbness, or lessening of sensation, in the right side of my face. It feels about 40% of what I feel on the left side, and it feels heavy, weighted. The doc said she had seen this quite a few times, though it was rare. She did some trick with a tuning fork and showed that it was definitely migraine that had done this, it wasn’t a pinched nerve. That made me feel so much better. Everyone else has been convinced it was MS or that I’m crazy, and it was great to hear it’s just part of the headache.

I left feeling very optimistic. We have some good (non-narcotic) drugs to try now, and quite a few options if these don’t work, plus a referral for Biofeedback and for Physical Therapy, plus the acupuncture suggestion. The Chosen One was with me, and I think he also felt hopeful when we left. Except that he was getting a cold, and he felt wretched. Yay.

The rest of the day was pretty typical – I went back to work, finished up there, picked up Gryffindor from her play practice (my dad picked up Ravenclaw from hers), and after hearing that my ex was stuck in traffic for the foreseeable future, I made a quick dinner for the girls, they did their homework, and then after I made lunches for tomorrow we read scriptures and House of Hades, and now it’s time for bed. Thursdays pass very quickly!

photo 1Yesterday’s lunches were cute though – love the little penguins! The girls were really happy to have them. :) I’m so glad my big kids still enjoy cuteness!