It’s the little things

I’m grateful for my kids. They make me smile.

I’m grateful for their friends, who keep them busy and happy.

I’m thankful for the parents of their friends who help me out when needed.

I’m thankful for my husband, who stayed home with the kids tonight while I went to an Enrichment meeting at church. He even watched animé with the girls.

I’m thankful for my church and the members in my ward. I’m thankful I came home from Enrichment tonight with three typed pages of book suggestions.

I’m thankful for books. And authors. And the time I can sneak off and read.

I’m thankful for friends who are supportive and give me rides and work together with me to carpool. New friends and old.

I’m thankful for a job that pays pretty well and keeps me busy.

I’m thankful that my middle daughter was able to be a good conversationalist with the enrollment guy at the private school. I’m thankful that it looks like we will be able to send her there. I hope.

I <3 Book Club

Even when I hate the book, I love my book club.

*happy sigh*

I love that my husband (who is awesome) could be the Adult in Charge while I was gone, and I could be sure that he would have the girls do what I had asked. Unlike when I left Hufflepuff in charge and her sisters were up watching TV at 10pm when I came home. Ugh. I really appreciated that The Chosen One had Gryffindor finishing her shower and Ravenclaw doing her reading homework when I got in the door. Maybe eventually they’ll go to sleep on their own while I’m gone so I can stay later.

Not much happening otherwise. Headache has been hurting since I left book club, so I just barely got lunches packed and me into bed and typing this. Must sleep it off.


Driving around

So, today was spent driving here and there and everywhere.

There was work and school in the morning, and then after work I took a quick nap. I had to pick up the girls after school (and nap) because Gryffindor had a party to go to tonight. I drove her and Ravenclaw out to Lynnfield to drop her off at the party (after finding the best birthday card ever, with Snoopy dancing with flashing lights and the Snoopy dance song).

After dropping Gryffindor off at her party I dropped Ravenclaw off at the Olive Garden with her dad. Then I had dinner solo at Wagamama, which was awesome. A noodle soup with fish, calamari, and shrimp. Plus wakame, scallions, and spinach. Yum!!!

Hufflepuff refused to go out to eat with me, so I brought her home dinner. I’m nice that way. Then I took another nap before going to pick up Gryffindor. She was so happy at that party! She felt totally included and welcome and said it was the best party she’s been to. :)

She and I stopped at Sonic for drinks, and decided to try the sweet potato tots. Not a fan. Blech. And we both love tots and love sweet potatoes.

The Chosen One was home when I got back and we have had some lovely conversation. We planned to watch Psych, but technology failings and my migraine’s return killed that idea. Now sleep so I can be productive tomorrow.

Dinner and a migraine

Today started out pretty well. Everyone got to school and work on time, and I had a pretty productive day at work. I learned how to calculate the likely estate tax for estates over $1 million in Massachusetts. Useful information.

After work I picked up Hufflepuff from her friend M’s house, then got home and saw the younger two for about 15 minutes before their dad picked them up and I went out for dinner with my friend M.

It was so nice to sit and chat and eat healthy vegan food! I’ve missed her so much! Now that I’m driving myself and the girls places, I don’t see M as much. It’s partly good, partly sad. I’m glad we found the time to get a bite to eat together, though. And I picked up some food for Gryffindor’s lunch tomorrow, too.

I was happily surprised to find The Chosen One home when I got there at 7:30. He’s usually not home until well after 8. Unfortunately, my migraine got bad after dinner, so I just climbed into bed and turned the light out.

I need to remember that I’m just grumpy when I have a migraine. I just grumped at the girls for a while for being too loud for me, but it might just be the migraine rather than them actually being loud. Hard to tell. And they’re also being more boisterous than I’d like at night, but I’m definitely more grouchy than usual about that.

Now bed. Immediately if not sooner. And more migraine meds.

Movie Night is Back!

My friends M&S and I have been doing Movie Night on the first Wednesday of the month for a couple years now. But we missed the past few months due to the craziness of the move and holidays. Tonight we did it again! It was great! We watched Fever Pitch, which was very appropriate given that the Red Sox season just started. Fun movie, one I don’t understand why I had never seen it before. Awesome.

Before that work was fine. Gryffindor enjoyed her free time after her half day. Ravenclaw whined about her field trip not being as awesome as she wanted. Hufflepuff and her friend P put together her night stand and only damaged one thing. And it doesn’t show! It looks great all put together. Next up is her bookcase.

The one big negative of the day is that I barely saw The Chosen One. Seriously. I saw him briefly in the morning, but he was asleep when I got home. :( I miss him! :( I barely saw him yesterday due to the church activities for the girls, too. I’m glad the weekend is coming up and I can actually spend time with my husband. Love him.

So grateful that today was another nice day with the weather. Not as gorgeous as yesterday, but Hufflepuff walked home from school without any drama. Which is good.

BTW it takes 7 minutes to get from the new house to S’s house at 7:50pm. I have a feeling it takes 3x that amount of time to get there 12 hours earlier than that. Traffic is still confusing to me. I’ve only been driving again since November and the nature of the traffic still boggles my mind. Thankfully I don’t get stressed by it, but it is annoying.

And now to at least sleep next to my husband. It’s almost like spending time with him. Ish.