See Rachel Run. Run, Rachel, Run

Today was all about the errands. OK, some errands were more important than others, but at least I was productive and got something done!

The Chosen One went to Ikea (lucky dog), but I had to get groceries, so I let him go alone. Plus, I’m always a little woozy the day after a migraine, and it takes me longer to get moving.

I drove out by the mall to go to the British import shop to buy myself a couple of candy bars. And then to Sonic for tater tots and a cherry limeade. Then to Trader Joe’s to stock up.

Then I drove back towards the house (Trader Joe’s is 20-30 minutes away near the mall), went to the regular grocery store, and finally went to Whole Foods for the other things. I love shopping at 3 grocery stores in one day! It’s so fun! I am glad I can easily make 3 shopping lists on my phone and keep track of my spending at each. That is nice. And I’m glad that there’s more prepared foods that are gluten-free so I can feed my children that for dinner when I’m exhausted from shopping all day.

I do feel guilty for using prepared foods, though. We had chicken nuggets, veggie burgers, and then roasted potatoes & roasted green beans. so only 1/2 of the dinner was actually prepared foods. And out of the 7 dinners on the white board, only 2 are prepared foods, though I didn’t grind my own sausages, and I cheated in buying Jennie-O meatballs (oh, how happy it makes me that I can buy those, though! I don’t love making meatballs). I’m going to have to work on this so that even less is prepared foods, as I’m feeling like I’ve been massively slacking. I’ve been buying bread and crackers! Bah.

The menu for the next couple weeks (I only cook 4 nights a week, the younger girls are with their dad 3 nights a week, and I figure we can fend for ourselves/eat leftovers those nights):

  • Spaghetti and meatballs
  • Ravioli and sausages
  • Tacos
  • Tamales & Taquitos
  • Pizzas
  • Crock pot ribs and beans
  • Nuggets & veggie burgers

Oh, and after grocery shopping I was proud of myself – I put everything away (I used to procrastinate that before we had the awesomesauce pantry), and I cleaned out all the old leftovers from the fridge and ran the dishwasher.

A very productive day. I even did a couple loads of laundry. Now I can bake tomorrow after church without feeling like I’ve been totally lazy all weekend.

Now to look over the lesson for tomorrow and go to sleep. I forgot I was teaching! Oops!

(Oh, I also had a wonderful talk today with J about B staying here. It was lovely. I’ve missed her)