Surprise pizza day

I woke up with the migraine not gone. It wasn’t at the level 8, but it wasn’t back at the level 1-2 that it’s been for a while, either. Yay. So I just muddled through the day. It was only my 2nd Wednesday working a full day while The Chosen One watched over the children’s after school. I don’t like long days of work with headaches.

Anyhow, work was OK. It ended up not mattering that The Chosen One was home – Ravenclaw went to her friend S’s house (they’re fostering a dog! And they got candy and a movie!), Hufflepuff went to her friend M’s house (it’s a much shorter walk home), and Gryffindor was the only one to come home after school. Since it really is fine for Gryffindor to be home alone, it ended up not mattering that The Chosen One was there.

To add to the migraine, my ex told me he was still shopping for a car, so he couldn’t take the girls. ??? I never can say something’s come up, but this is his 2nd time in 2 weeks. Bah.

Anyhow. I made pizzas. Which meant making sauce. And which meant making crusts. Which meant testing out The Chosen One’s Kitchen Aid mixer. It worked well, but it makes a weird noise. I might have to search something on that.

Anyhow, it was a quiet night. Nothing exciting happened. I did finally realize that I could make a pseudo bedroom/fort for The Bonus Kid in the Library using boxes of books for a wall, so I told him I’d do that for him. I’ve slept on the couch, it’s not ideal. The Ikea mattress in the attic would be better. The police came yesterday to make sure The Bonus Kid was sleeping there, and it’ll look better if he’s not sleeping on the couch.

The day that was killed by the migraine

I hate days like this. I want to just chop my head off.

I got home from work and was a little grouchy. My head didn’t hurt, but I had this weird feeling that is the precursor to some of my migraines. And The Chosen One can see when I’m feeling off. He’s really amazing like that. It can be a little annoying, honestly, but he is very perceptive.

It was a pretty normal Tuesday after work – Ravenclaw went to her friend’s house, Hufflepuff had Gay Straight Alliance and had me drive her and her friend home afterwards, and Gryffindor got a ride home.

I remembered to put dinner in the crockpot, so we had the ribs. They were good. So were the baked beans, the rice, and the artichokes. I was hurting during dinner, but it wasn’t horrible. Hufflepuff and Gryffindor didn’t have a YW activity, so I just got Ravenclaw over to my friend SB’s house for a ride, and I was done with my obligations for the night!

So when I got home I went upstairs and took my meds and went to bed. I love that I’m married and can leave someone else in charge of my kids! Admittedly they’re old enough to take care of themselves, but it was nice to not worry. Hufflepuff (surprise surprise) went upstairs to Skype her friends.

The Chosen One and Gryffindor watched Disney channel for an hour or so while I was curled up in a ball in pain. Yay. I love that I could hear a little bit of sound (I could tell when they were talking, but not what they were saying) but the TV isn’t really audible upstairs. The sound carries really badly from upstairs downstairs, but not vice versa.

When The Bonus Child arrived for the night, he and The Chosen One had a great chat. They both sounded happy! And The Bonus Child wasn’t monosyllabic and grunting! It was a miracle! Apparently he was also giving Ravenclaw the wrong answers on her homework when she got back from Church, but that’s his normal behavior, so I’m happy to hear it. She shouldn’t be asking for help, anyhow. :-P

I’m hoping that there will be more days when The Chosen One and The Bonus Child can bond.

Monday Monday

So, I just love the first day of the week. The Bonus Child is monosyllabic/grunting in the morning, which is what I expect in a teenage boy (though he is saying no to food, which is weird for him and weird for teenage boys in general). My girls aren’t much more talkative on Mondays. Everyone wants to go back to sleep. And, yes, it is even worse on the first day back from vacation.

We got through it, though, and I got through my work. It was fun to see D again, she had been off the whole week with her son, so we had a lot to catch up on! It was nice! Too bad we had some actual work to get done, as that got in the way of our chatting.

I almost had a revolt at dinner – I had forgotten to start the ribs in the crock pot in the morning, so we had to have something else. Ravenclaw was beyond disappointed into rabidly upset. I moved the crock pot into the middle of the counter so I won’t forget tomorrow. That slightly mollified her, along with me making her a pizza bagel in addition to the tamales & taquitos everyone else ate.

After a lovely family dinner (it’s so nice when The Chosen One’s food is done at the same time as ours is!) we had a little Family Home Evening game night. Gryffindor had gotten a game called “Crappy Birthday” for her 12th birthday (the Harry Potter birthday party of awesomeness), and we had never played it. It’s kinda like Apples to Apples, but a little different. We loved it! It was so much fun! Hufflepuff even liked it enough to play a couple rounds before disappearing to her room to chat with her friends. Gryffindor slaughtered all of us at the game, though. Good thing to remember. She’s crazy good at it.

I’m wishing The Bonus Child came a little earlier so he could hang out and play with us, but he was having a fight with his brother and mom. He did finally arrive a little late, and more monosyllabic than usual.

Sundays are rest days

Once upon a time I was a single mom. I didn’t live with The Chosen One, I just lived with my girls. We went to church, I fed them lunch, and then I took a nap.

Now I feel like I’m supposed to be useful and productive after church. This doesn’t always work out. I love Sunday naps. They’re my favorite.

We did have a nice day at church, there were some good talks. The big shocker was that the Young Women’s presidency changed. Yikes! We weren’t expecting that!

I did talk to the YM president about having B here during the week, and asking if The Bonus Child could participate. This week wasn’t ideal (they were moving people up levels), but he is welcome any time. I hope he’ll go.

I started trying to think of a way to help him sleep better than on our couch, too. There has to be a way… Sleeping on a couch 5 days out of 7 through the end of school would suck.

As a total bonus one of the members of the Bishopric called and asked me to speak. Yippee! I’m talking on Mother’s Day! But, thankfully, not just about mothers. Phew! Talking and teaching on the same day, I just realized. Yay.

See Rachel Run. Run, Rachel, Run

Today was all about the errands. OK, some errands were more important than others, but at least I was productive and got something done!

The Chosen One went to Ikea (lucky dog), but I had to get groceries, so I let him go alone. Plus, I’m always a little woozy the day after a migraine, and it takes me longer to get moving.

I drove out by the mall to go to the British import shop to buy myself a couple of candy bars. And then to Sonic for tater tots and a cherry limeade. Then to Trader Joe’s to stock up.

Then I drove back towards the house (Trader Joe’s is 20-30 minutes away near the mall), went to the regular grocery store, and finally went to Whole Foods for the other things. I love shopping at 3 grocery stores in one day! It’s so fun! I am glad I can easily make 3 shopping lists on my phone and keep track of my spending at each. That is nice. And I’m glad that there’s more prepared foods that are gluten-free so I can feed my children that for dinner when I’m exhausted from shopping all day.

I do feel guilty for using prepared foods, though. We had chicken nuggets, veggie burgers, and then roasted potatoes & roasted green beans. so only 1/2 of the dinner was actually prepared foods. And out of the 7 dinners on the white board, only 2 are prepared foods, though I didn’t grind my own sausages, and I cheated in buying Jennie-O meatballs (oh, how happy it makes me that I can buy those, though! I don’t love making meatballs). I’m going to have to work on this so that even less is prepared foods, as I’m feeling like I’ve been massively slacking. I’ve been buying bread and crackers! Bah.

The menu for the next couple weeks (I only cook 4 nights a week, the younger girls are with their dad 3 nights a week, and I figure we can fend for ourselves/eat leftovers those nights):

  • Spaghetti and meatballs
  • Ravioli and sausages
  • Tacos
  • Tamales & Taquitos
  • Pizzas
  • Crock pot ribs and beans
  • Nuggets & veggie burgers

Oh, and after grocery shopping I was proud of myself – I put everything away (I used to procrastinate that before we had the awesomesauce pantry), and I cleaned out all the old leftovers from the fridge and ran the dishwasher.

A very productive day. I even did a couple loads of laundry. Now I can bake tomorrow after church without feeling like I’ve been totally lazy all weekend.

Now to look over the lesson for tomorrow and go to sleep. I forgot I was teaching! Oops!

(Oh, I also had a wonderful talk today with J about B staying here. It was lovely. I’ve missed her)

Some days you wish there was a reset button

Today went well at work. I came home feeling really blah. The Chosen One was working from home, but I just laid down on the bed and read. Gryffindor and Hufflepuff were doing their own thing, and Ravenclaw was off with my mom.

I rested and did nothing productive at all for a couple hours, and then Ravenclaw came home. That didn’t make me any more productive, though. I did get up around 5 thinking I was going to go to the Temple with my friend SB at 6. Sadly, the general blah-feeling was not improved by standing up. Instead I had a migraine pop in. Yay. I had been feeling one sneaking around on the outsides of my brain, but I hadn’t felt it start throbbing until I stood up.

So, I took my meds, crawled back under the covers, cancelled my plans for the night, begged Gryffindor to make me popcorn (the only thing that sounded appealing at all), and went to sleep. I’m writing this after waking up briefly. The Chosen One and Hufflepuff are watching a movie together downstairs, and I’m going back to sleep. Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.

Workaday world

So, to make up for skipping out on Wednesday, I had to work a full day on Thursday. It was a long day. My boss had had a rotten day the day before (and forgot I was out, oops), so he was grouchy.

On the plus side, I got a lot done.

On the minus side, I missed my family. Ravenclaw hadn’t been with us on Wednesday, and then she left for a sleepover at her friend’s house before I got home last night, so I barely saw her. She got home safely this morning, but it was after I left for work. I got home just a little before The Chosen One, but just after we got home their father picked Ravenclaw and Gryffindor up.

I totally vegged out and watched a bazillion episodes of Rehab Addict. It’s probably not healthy to watch the same show from 6pm-10pm. Just as a theory. But it was fascinating. I now have the TiVo set up to record it, but we don’t get the DiY channel, only HGTV, so we can’t watch it as often. Feh. No DiY and no BYUtv. No Cooking Channel, either.

Ravenclaw likes that kind of show, so she watched an episode with me. It was fun.

A long day, though. Time for sleep.

Hours and hours of driving

That’s the theme for today. Hours and hours of driving.

I took the day off work so we could bring Hufflepuff to a town an hour and a half away to meet her boyfriend. The boyfriend she Skypes constantly but hadn’t met in person yet.

She got dressed very carefully, and wore some cute flats my mom had given her. The flats were a good idea. The dress was cute, and modest (she didn’t want to look slutty for his parents).

We met up at my friend S’s house, and we drove down with her and her family. My friend S has a sister who lives in the town, so it worked out beautifully. Her kids got to see their aunt, Hufflepuff got to meet her boyfriend, Gryffindor got to spend the day with her BFF L (S’s oldest daughter), and I got to spend the day with my friend. It was all good. (Ravenclaw wasn’t feeling well, so she stayed home with The Chosen One, who was working from home).

Hufflepuff’s boyfriend comes up to her shoulder. It’s cute. His parents are about that height, too. They seemed very nice, for the short amount of time I spent talking with them. Hufflepuff said his whole family was nice.

S was truly awesome and drove us around to 3 comic book shops so Gryffindor could hunt for something (which she didn’t find, but she did find some other cool stuff). And then we all watched Frozen. Funnily enough Hufflepuff and her boyfriend watched Frozen, too, but they watched it alone rather than in a room with little kids.

Other than all the driving (which is annoying) it was a fun day. I’m glad we could make it happen. And I’m incredibly grateful that S was willing to drive!


I am still having GI troubles.

I went to work, though. Lots of talk about the marathon, and the office manager was playing the feed from the marathon all morning.

After work I came home to find out that Ravenclaw needed me to drive her to her friend’s house. But right as we got in the car they pulled up! :) And they brought her home later, too.

I went back to bed. It was nice.

I did manage to cook dinner (ish). Does spaghetti, reheated sauce, and fried tofu count? The girls (allegedly) cleaned up afterwards.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is better. Today was a little better than yesterday, but nothing tasted right and the food smelled wrong. :(

Not a good way to start off the girls’ spring break, but since I have to go to work, it doesn’t matter all that much to me that it’s spring break. Though I do get to sleep in a bit, which is nice.

It was nice knowing The Chosen One was home with them today. Made me feel safe. They’re pretty safe on their own, but it does feel safer to have an adult at home.

So here’s hoping even more that tomorrow goes well. The Chosen One will be at work and Gryffindor is going to my mom’s house. So I’m hoping I feel better and I hope that Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw don’t kill each other when they’re home alone.