Anger and Joy

ConversationToday had some highs and lows. And a boatload of snow. We didn’t have a snow day, but after school activities were cancelled due to the snow. My mom awesomely saved me by picking up my kids so I could finish working. Gryffindor was home because the private school had a snow day, which we found out on our way there. Whoops!

Today’s #cy365 prompt was conversation, so I tipped over our conversation hearts and took a picture of it. I liked the pic.

Work was work. No big stories there. But it was my full day. I stupidly wore flats rather than boots and ended up with very wet and cold feet after clearing off my car. Thankfully the big snow stopped at 3, and I left at 4:30.

photo 2I got home to find Hufflepuff playing Minecraft and having a Skype call with her friends. And the front steps and sidewalk weren’t shoveled. So I shipped her off to shovel while I tried to unfreeze my feet. I’ll admit that I came home feeling very irritable, but finding her sitting wasting time made me angry. She should’ve shoveled the steps before I came home (her sisters went with their dad early).

My book club debated having the meeting tonight or not because of the snow, but we ended up having it. It was lovely – it was 4 of us for a couple hours, and then a 5th person came. A lively discussion about a wonderful book, The Night Circus, which was wonderful. Highly recommended.

photo 3At the end of book club they presented me with this basket as a wedding gift! It was wonderful! Definitely a Harry Potter theme, for some odd reason, plus chocolate from my favorite chocolate place! They seriously know me! It’s so incredibly sweet! Love my book club – it’s the bestest book club ever, and I’m so glad I was able to get there tonight!

And then I got a call on my way home from Ravenclaw asking when I would be home (she and Gryffindor had been with their dad until 9pm). And that’s when I found out that the ONE THING I asked Hufflepuff to do she neglected to do. I asked her to have her sisters get into their jammies and get in bed to read. Did she do that? Nope. They were watching TV until after 10pm!  Grrrr! She had the gall to be asleep when I got home, but her younger sisters were not at all. So I woke her up to speak sharply to her. I’m incredibly disappointed. And it really makes me not want to do nice things for her. She’s going to Maine to ski tomorrow, and I’m supposed to get her long johns, warm socks, and warm gloves. So not what I want to be doing tomorrow after tonight. Bah.

Finally, to leave on a high note, I’ll leave you with Gryffindor’s homework assignment – she had to write a poem about the Holocaust. She chose free verse. A limerick or haiku would probably be inappropriate.


The young,

The old,

Scraps of who they were,

About to die.

Our demise draws nearer,

Our destiny is claimed.

Just another shoe in the mountains.