Snow Day

Front walkWell, this was one of the most needed snow days I’ve ever had. I had been exhausted for days, and it meant I could nap and just be slothful. It was lovely. Other than making meals for the girls, I did almost nothing other than read. Which was great. I’m getting really into our book club book (though somehow I was in the mood for a romance novel, so I’m rereading a couple I love), but I’m about halfway through the book club book, so I should be able to finish it without a problem in a week.

Unfortunately, the girls’ father is sick and didn’t take them tonight, so I suddenly had to make a meal I wasn’t expecting. Blerg. I noticed that I never get a sick day, but he’s taken several.

I am hoping that someday I can have The Chosen One make a meal or two for the girls. Or that the girls will start to cook for us, something that they do for their dad and grandparents. Or both. I have high hopes for once we’re living together. Low expectations, but high hopes.

The #cy365 prompt today was from the top, hence the picture of our front stoop taken from the warmth of my bedroom.

Today was supposed to be movie night, but M is sick, so that was a no go. Maybe next week.

After I shoveled the front walk I went out to shovel out my car, and our neighbors were walking past and helped me out! So nice! Out of the two times I’ve had to shovel out I’ve had someone snowplow for me, and now had three people help me shovel out! I don’t trust my luck though, I need to buy more shovels so the girls can help. I’ve got to utilize the teen energy in the house! However, we’ve had a bunch of illness battles in the house, so I didn’t want them out in the snow anyhow.

Overall a good day, other than the girls’ dad bailing on them. I’m glad I had some food in the house! I need to get some more food. Or money. Or both. I really wanted to buy pizza today. Maybe tomorrow.