Part of your world

Today The Chosen One and I did our usual shopping, and then had a nice little nap. The Chosen One has been sick, which sucks, but it is always nice to nap. We did some quick online browsing for sectionals, too.

After our nap we packed up my stuff to go to Home Depot to look at paint swatches again. We think we might have settled on the best colors for the rooms. The girls agree with all of them, except that Hufflepuff hates the yellow (or any yellow) chosen for the mudroom. We’ll have to look at colors again, but I’m not sure there’s another color that would be best there. Hmmm…

Hufflepuff had her first riding lesson today. She helped muck out stalls, and she’s going to be aching. She is incredibly lucky that her grandfather was willing to pick her up – she had given me about 24 hours notice to pick her up. Ugh! Yeah, that didn’t work out well. I’ll pick her up next week, though.

Little MermaidThe big thing today was that Gryffindor was Ursula the Sea Witch’s eel, Jetsam in the school play. That’s her on the far left. She had a really cute outfit, complete with Christmas lights wrapped around her. She did a great job with the hissing and everything. I thought she did a better job than Ursula, actually, and that’s a role that usually steals the show. The girl who played Sebastian was amazing, though. Over all, it was a good show. Much better than the one the YMCA’s theater camp had put on over the summer with Ravenclaw in it. We could actually hear the voices this time! The stage was done really well, too.

Make up

We really liked the look of the green make up on Gryffindor. Hufflepuff and I were joking that we would have to recreate it every day once she’s old enough to wear make up (in our family that’s 14 for church, 9th grade for school).

The other big excitement was when we realized that The Chosen One had driven off with the girls’ overnight bags in the trunk of his car. That was a problem. Because he is the Bestest Person Ever, he turned around and brought them back, even though he was about halfway home. He has Gryffindor and Ravenclaw’s undying gratitude, as they really wanted their stuff – Gryffindor’s iPad was in her bag, something she would be heartbroken not to have.

When we came to town from The Chosen One’s apartment we brought a bunch of boxes, plus the cat tree. Tomorrow we’re keeping my friend’s daughter for the day(well, we’re bringing her with us to church and then having her hang out with us at the house for a little while). While Ravenclaw is busy with her friend and Gryffindor is busy with her play, Hufflepuff and I can bring some boxes from our house to the new house and start emptying out our basement and the boxes we’ve filled up.

And now I’m up a few minutes past my bedtime. Whoops! Time for bed – I need to try to keep my bedtime routine consistent as part of the headache management.

On the plus side, today I didn’t need any of the “rescue” meds. The headache didn’t peak above a 6 today. Well, there were a few 7s here and there, but in general it wasn’t above a 6.