We bought a house!!!


Today was a snow day for the kids, so our timing for the walk through and the closing was later than originally expected. And then the snow was a lot less than expected. Ah, well. It meant we all got to sleep in.

New house

The Chosen One and I are now the proud owners of a lovely house! Ok, it’s not perfectly lovely now, but it’ll look better soon. First is getting heat. After heat is a new roof, and then we have to replace the deck. After we get the heat we can also paint inside (I don’t like green or orange, two favorite colors of the people who painted the house last). The outside is vinyl siding, so replacing that will have to happen a little later. Ditto for the crank windows. New toilets and one new vanity can be pretty soon, though. The downstairs vanity is truly horrible.

Paint is cheap and changes a room so quickly that it’s worth it. Absolutely. (and I’ll be learning how to paint via YouTube and my dear friend S who wants to help. Also hoping at least one or two other people want to help in exchange for pizza and soda. And cookies.) We have a few rooms completely planned, but a few still have some working room. Looking forward to a trip to Ikea for some other ideas and to get one kid a bed.

We met with a kitchen remodeling guy from Home Depot, and he was great. We have no heat, remember, so it was a very, very cold meeting. But we have an idea of the cost (ouch!) and know we can’t do it right away. We also have a much better idea of what we want and what we both like. Thankfully there’s enough overlap between us that we could create a gorgeous kitchen. For now, we’ll make do and feel lucky we don’t have the red counters my brother and sister-in-law are dealing with!

And now sleep – headache doctor in the morning.