Today was better

CIToday was lovely, relaxing, and fun. Well, The Chosen One might not think I was much fun, but the girls and I are having fun.

I woke up at The Chosen One’s house this morning actually feeling somewhat rested. I was a little groggy, but pushed through it and actually got all my shopping errands done without much problem. I enjoyed our routine.

We also spent time looking at paint colors, bookcases, and other house-stuff. I’m enjoying this planning time! It’s really cool that The Chosen One has a 3D rendering of the house, so we can see different paint colors on the 3D walls and see how the rooms look together before we’re in the house. It’ll be nice to finally have the keys to the house, but for the next few days it’s nice to have planning time. We have the walk-through on Tuesday evening and closing on Wednesday, with my headache doctor appointment on Thursday. It’s a busy week! (Somewhere in there we need the plumber to put in a new boiler so we can have heat. It’s going to be cold this week, too.)

Happy PlaceOne of today’s prompts was “happy place”.  The other was “pose”.  I have several happy places, but the one I’d choose would be Children’s Island, the camp the girls have attended. Above are the younger two girls standing on one of the rocks on the Island.

However, as I can’t go out there in the winter, I thought about the Happy Places in my heart. I took the picture at the left on the train home. In that picture is The Chosen One, my girls, my memories of 3 family vacations, and joy. The purse was bought for me by The Chosen One on our last trip to Cape Cod. The engagement ring was given to me after the proposal on our trip to Orlando. The candies remind me of family trips to the UK when I was a kid. All those memories packed into a small picture!

PoseThe other prompt for today was “pose.” Unfortunately, I didn’t see the girls until dinner time, so the older two weren’t in the mood to pose. Ravenclaw, though, will always pose! Isn’t she cute? She and Gryffindor had gotten into a snowball fight before coming to the house, and she had gotten so wet that she needed to change into her jammies.

We’ve had a nice dinner of sketti and sausages (and tofu for Gryffindor the vegetarian), and now we’re watching Our Neighbor Totoro together. Hufflepuff usually leaves when we start watching a family movie, but because this is her favorite movie, she’s willing to watch a movie with us.

We also got some rain today, which then turned into snow. It was fun to watch and beautiful to see the white coating, but unfortunately I hadn’t brought a hat, gloves, or boots. I was a bit damp when I got into the car after walking from the train!

Tomorrow will be church, and Hufflepuff is coming with us. I really love it when the whole family is together!