What goes up must come down

Today has been a down day. My website was down for most of the day, which sucked. It meant that I didn’t get to post our lunches (which were really cool, and will be posted tomorrow), plus I couldn’t get some of my mail.

I’m just in a funk right now. Grr. Aargh.

I’m feeling like everything I do is futile. Well, I feel appreciated at work, but that’s it. I had to keep harassing the girls to stay on task today in order to get anything done. I got ripped off when buying my tire (though I cried and tantrumed and they gave me $50 off). I don’t have a spare right now, so I have to get that fixed, and I also allegedly have something else I must fix. I don’t trust them, though, so I’ll take it to my mechanic at the beginning of next week.

We’ll put Gryffindor’s application for the awesome (ridiculously expensive) private high school in the mail tomorrow, and I think it’s good. Her essay is wonderful. She wrote about her favorite place, the Island where she goes to camp every year, and it’s very well written.

I’m relieved it’s a long weekend coming up. I need that extra day. We’re going to the Aquarium, and probably to the carousel again. :)

I think it’s best for me to go to sleep now and start over tomorrow. Maybe I can get a full 7 hours. Yay. At least we don’t have anything big on Saturday this week, so I can “sleep in” until 8 or so.

Blah. I just feel blah. Totally unmotivated. Blah.