Ups and Downs

b&w animals take 2Today was filled with ups and downs.

Up – We have a car, so I could drive the girls to school in the rain.

Down – My head hurt too much to drive to work.

Up – Hufflepuff was understanding about no music today.

Down – Hufflepuff was sick and couldn’t talk all day, and she’s not proficient in sign language.

Up – I can drive to the grocery store to buy something in the rain.

Down – The tire went flat on the way home.

Up – I have AAA, so the guy came right away.

Down – The spare was flat.

Up – The AAA guy fixed the spare.

Down – I need to go to the tire place to get a new tire.

mlp girlsUp – I could take the kids to the mall to get their new Build a Bear My Little Pony toys.

Down – It was raining and got dark and I had to drive in the dark rain. I hate driving in the dark and rain.

Up – The younger 2 girls (and Ravenclaw’s friend) had so much fun in the Build a Bear, they were so, so, so, so happy.

Down – I was convinced that I would hit someone in the dark rain, did I mention that I hate driving in the dark and rain?

Up – I got to go to Sonic for a Cherry Limeaid. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Down – I had to drive in the dark rain to get the girls home.

Up – I had already made chili in the crock pot for dinner

Down – The girls couldn’t go to the church activity tonight, and that was my planned time to do some chores. So that didn’t happen.

Up – All the homework got done because they didn’t have the church activity.

Down – I hate supervising homework. It’s so exhausting.

Up – I made the cute little critters at the top of the post, and I also made a cute lunch for G2.

Down – I’m exhausted.

Up – Hufflepuff’s voice is back and she’s feeling better now.

Down – Now I need to remember the note for school. Because calling isn’t enough any more.