Routines are changing

Subway stairsFor almost 5 years I’ve gone into Boston every Friday and returned every Saturday to spend time with The Chosen One. We’ll be closing on our house soon (allegedly this week or next), so our weekends completely away from the rest of my life are coming to an end. This weekend had some of our routines, but not all.

Every weekend I arrive by subway or commuter rail, and then we eat something and return to his house to watch something (or we eat and watch at the same time). It’s been a wonderful routine, and we’ve watched a lot of Psych and The Daily Show together.


In the mornings I take much more time to wake up than he does, so he lets me wake up while he does his own thing. Once we’re both moving around and coherent we go out grocery shopping. We have a routine of 3 shops, and even a (slightly neurotic on my part) order in which we go to each shop. It’s BJs, Trader Joe’s, and then Whole Foods, for anyone who cares. The first two rotate stock much more, so if I can’t find something at one of them then I’ll find it at Whole Foods (or at our area’s “regular” grocery store, Market Basket).

This weekend, though, I had a big meeting about potentially becoming a leader of the town’s Special Ed parent group. It was an interesting training, but I’ve cherished those hours, and I missed them. The meeting was important to my future and to the possibility of me helping the town and the other parents of kids with special needs in the town, but it still cut into my time. Thankfully, The Chosen One did my shopping for me, because he’s awesome, and all was well.

Both before and after my meeting we did still have some of our routines, and then we went out to look at paint swatches for the new house. I think we both found things we like, as well as things we’ll settle for. A wise man said that settling down means settling for. You’ll never find someone who is 100% perfect, so you take 81% and round up. :) So there are compromises, but I think we like the colors. Now to check with the girls. G1 was in a mood after not having much sleep the night before (she was on a church retreat overnight), so it wasn’t the right time for paint chip assessment.

Oatmeal cookies

When I get home I usually bake for the week, and that’s exactly what I started doing. I made two types of cookies (oatmeal chocolate chip and chocolate chip) as well as a set of cupcakes. The cookies are for this week’s lunches as well as for a linger longer (our Church‘s version of a coffee hour after church, but without the coffee) tomorrow. We’re having a little cocoa & cookies linger longer so the children can introduce their parents to their new Primary (aka Sunday school) teachers for the new year. The cupcakes are for our once-a-month dinner with friends. We alternate making the dinner, but we always bring the dessert. We’ll see what we do to the cupcakes tomorrow…