Some days you wish there was a reset button

Today went well at work. I came home feeling really blah. The Chosen One was working from home, but I just laid down on the bed and read. Gryffindor and Hufflepuff were doing their own thing, and Ravenclaw was off with my mom.

I rested and did nothing productive at all for a couple hours, and then Ravenclaw came home. That didn’t make me any more productive, though. I did get up around 5 thinking I was going to go to the Temple with my friend SB at 6. Sadly, the general blah-feeling was not improved by standing up. Instead I had a migraine pop in. Yay. I had been feeling one sneaking around on the outsides of my brain, but I hadn’t felt it start throbbing until I stood up.

So, I took my meds, crawled back under the covers, cancelled my plans for the night, begged Gryffindor to make me popcorn (the only thing that sounded appealing at all), and went to sleep. I’m writing this after waking up briefly. The Chosen One and Hufflepuff are watching a movie together downstairs, and I’m going back to sleep. Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.