Dinner and a migraine

Today started out pretty well. Everyone got to school and work on time, and I had a pretty productive day at work. I learned how to calculate the likely estate tax for estates over $1 million in Massachusetts. Useful information.

After work I picked up Hufflepuff from her friend M’s house, then got home and saw the younger two for about 15 minutes before their dad picked them up and I went out for dinner with my friend M.

It was so nice to sit and chat and eat healthy vegan food! I’ve missed her so much! Now that I’m driving myself and the girls places, I don’t see M as much. It’s partly good, partly sad. I’m glad we found the time to get a bite to eat together, though. And I picked up some food for Gryffindor’s lunch tomorrow, too.

I was happily surprised to find The Chosen One home when I got there at 7:30. He’s usually not home until well after 8. Unfortunately, my migraine got bad after dinner, so I just climbed into bed and turned the light out.

I need to remember that I’m just grumpy when I have a migraine. I just grumped at the girls for a while for being too loud for me, but it might just be the migraine rather than them actually being loud. Hard to tell. And they’re also being more boisterous than I’d like at night, but I’m definitely more grouchy than usual about that.

Now bed. Immediately if not sooner. And more migraine meds.