Tuesdays are long

That’s just about it.

It was a beautiful day, and I was so happy to have the windows open and the screen door giving us a nice fresh breeze! I even sent Ravenclaw outside to play with her friend. It was Good.

However, we left the house at 4:45 and didn’t get home until 9:15. Tuesdays are long. Gryffindor had a sore gum as a result of her orthodontia, so we had to run her to the Ortho for an appointment. Then we picked up J, one of the Young Men from church, and gave him a ride to the activity.

The older girls had to be there early to set up for a dinner they had with some of the adults in the ward who don’t have kids in the Young Men/Young Women age range. It was a nice activity, and after I brought the gluten-free pasta they did serve it. Unfortunately they had a meat sauce, so it was good that I brought a small container of pasta sauce for our resident vegetarian. More unfortunately it was a moose meat sauce, so Hufflepuff wouldn’t try it, either. The salad was fine, and they skipped the garlic bread, of course.

The ice cream was a big hit, though. They had a toppings bar, which is always beloved.

Ravenclaw and I ran over to Sonic for dinner while the big girls were setting up, and then her age group had an Opening Day baseball game since the Red Sox Opening Day was yesterday. I thought Ravenclaw would complain, as she isn’t a huge baseball fan, but she had fun. Thank goodness.

When it was all over I yanked my kids and J and we left before the cleanup was done. I figured that we were there early (we were literally the first ones there), so the people who came later could do the clean up. I refuse to feel guilty for that. Especially since Gryffindor still had homework to finish. Ugh.

On a much lighter note, I loved the Think Geek April Fool’s Day jokes, but the best thing ever was the Google Pokemon Challenge! Gryffindor and I have been trying to catch them all. They say you have until 2pm Pacific tomorrow (that’s 5pm Eastern) to catch them all, then you can be entered to try to become a paid Pokemon Master at Google. And Gryffindor has a half day. You know what she’ll be doing! (btw – even if you don’t love Pokemon, watch the video. It’s awesome.)

And now to try to sleep. It’s time. There’s much to do tomorrow, too.