Today was frustrating


I met the guy from the water department at the house this morning, and they tried to find the cut off valve. They failed. We came back later and tried to turn off the water inside the house, for the reason you see at your left – the pipes are frozen. I saw several cracked pipes, and that’s just in the basement. It’s upsetting, anger-inducing, frustrating, and makes me want to cry. It changes all of our plans. Ugh.

Thankfully the meetings with the roofer and the electrician went much better. And the water department guy was very nice. And our plumbers are totally competent and good. It’s the plumber who “winterized” the house that was incompetent. Grr.

PonyIn other news it’s Chinese New Year, and it’s now the year of the horse. My cy365 prompt was horse. Of course, we don’t have any horses at the house, but we do have lots of ponies. I decided that was close enough and took a cute pic of Gryffindor (in a Gryffindor sweatshirt even) cuddled up with her My Little Pony brought by Santa, Pinkie Pie.

I did manage to get to work today, despite Ravenclaw being sick. My mom was awesome and hung out with her. They had a very laid back day – Ravenclaw read for 3 hours! And then they watched a movie. Very cool. I got to run a few errands and then had time to talk to the water guy before picking her up. My mom rocks.

I had a lovely time going to the Temple with my friend S. And now I’m hanging out with The Chosen One discussing roof choices, plumbers, and all the decisions we have to make for the house. I’m feeling incredibly overwhelmed and can’t think of any more decisions. Ack! I do think the headache is causing me to not function quite at my normal level. Plus the med we took away (it can be a cause of headaches) might have helped my ability to cope. The headache has been threatening to peak all afternoon, and I haven’t quite caved on the rescue meds. I just want to go to sleep and wake up not worried about anything. I don’t think that’s possible, though. Gah.

It’s worth a shot. Time for sleep and to attack problems fresh in the morning.