The one in which a good night turns bad

So, my father and step-mother came over to “picnic” and bring us food from a new restaurant in town. It’s a Vietnamese restaurant with almost a completely gluten-free menu. If you’re local it’s called Soall Bistro.

It was delicious. Seriously. I want to eat the lemongrass shrimp all the time. And all of the girls finished all of their food. I was mightily impressed – usually Gryffindor is picky about Asian food, but she loved her lemongrass tofu. And Ravenclaw’s ribs looked divine. The Chosen One was kinda screwed by getting just some chicken since he didn’t get rice or vermicelli with his food, but that was really the only negative about the food.

Unfortunately my kids then acted like crazy obnoxious brats. They were laying down on each other, punching each other, sitting in my lap and acting exhausted… it was seriously annoying in a major way. I am completely fed up with this. I have laid down the law – first punching and you lose all electronics for an hour. Second incident you lose them for the rest of the day. I need them to be able to behave. They’re 10, 13, and 15, and they should be able to interact with humanity without going insane. Ugh! This has gotten worse and worse over the past few weeks, and now I’m mortified. :(

The day before this was good, Ravenclaw had her audition, which seemed to go well, and then she brought two friends home. They had fun talking about anime. Yay. Gryffindor hung out with herself and Hufflepuff locked herself in her room with her Skype friends.

Right now I’m fed up with everyone, so I should go to sleep and pray that the night of sleep grants me an attitude adjustment.