Quiet Sundays

ChurchToday is a very quiet Sunday. I am currently loving the quiet, my headache is hurting a goodly amount today.

Our day began with just two of us going to church. Hufflepuff goes to church twice a month with us and goes a couple times a month to my parents’ church. Gryffindor was running a fever. So Ravenclaw and I had some 1:1 time in the car on the way there and on the way back. It was nice.

It was also lovely go go into my classroom and find that the kids were very happy to have me back as their teacher! I have to admit that I like being a favorite teacher, and I don’t particularly care if it’s because I bring good snacks or if it’s because I’m actually a good teacher. This was a no-snack week (we fast for the first Sunday of every month), so it didn’t matter if I usually bring good snacks or not.

I also got several compliments on my treats. I had given out some treats to families in our Ward last week, and I got a lot of positive reviews. I love, love, love baking and candy-making, and love hearing that other people liked it, too. :)


Last night I made Bula, a Swedish bread. It has quite a bit of cardamom in it, so I was running the risk of the girls not liking it. We tried some with our lunch, and unfortunately I was right – they didn’t love the flavor of the cardamom bread with sugar and walnuts on top. I, on the other hand, loved it. It reminded me of my Nana and her sister, my Aunt Dot, and the Christmases when they would make Bula. I was playing around, trying to make a gluten-free version of the recipe, and if I decide it’s good enough to make again I’ll put it on my recipe blog.

AwesomeNow we’re all having some quiet time thanks to instrumental hymns and Veggie Tales. I may be able to grab a quick nap, in the hopes that the headache will go away with a bit of sleep.

So I leave you with the sign that is up next to our front door. Don’t Forget to be Awesome!