Memories and making more

One year ago today we were in Orlando at Harry Potter World. We went for dinner at the Three Broomsticks, had butter beer, and The Chosen One proposed to me! Squee!

Today was less exciting, but we did make more memories. I drove for 4 hours (taking Hufflepuff and her friend to horseback riding, then going grocery shopping, taking a quick nap, and then going back to pick Hufflepuff up from horseback riding again. Ugh.). I ended up feeling irritable after all the driving, but we had all agreed to go to see Rio 2 tonight, and I needed to get out of the bad mood and go see that.

We had gone about 3 years ago to Rio 1. My friend J had just lost her husband to lung cancer, and we met up with her and her two sons at a movie theater and then went out to eat at Rainforest Cafe. It was great, we laughed so hard at the movie! It was so cute! And it brought back so many good memories to see the sequel.

Overall the second one was a lot of fun. We were almost the only ones in the theater, and it’s so comfortable! Awesome. I got to hold my sweetie’s hand, too. The kids ditched us and sat away from us, but we coped. I like having my husband as my movie buddy! :) And I love making new memories and adding on to old memories!