It’s General Conference Time Again!

Which means stress and arguments, plus the very real joy and inspiration of the words from our Prophet and his counselors.

Today started with sleeping in (yay!) and The Chosen One and I working on our mudroom furniture. We got a lot accomplished, and there was much rejoicing. The FedEx truck came with the feet for the pantries right at the right time, too!

I had to run out to get Hufflepuff and her friend P from the stable where they had been mucking out stalls and riding horses. It’s about an hour each way, which meant podcasts on the way there and conversation on the way back. Plus it’s My Little Pony Happy Meal Toy time, so I went in and bought just the toy for the two younger girls, plus buying shakes for the teens in the car.

The Chosen One and I got more done in the mudroom upon my return, and then we realized that one thing wasn’t possible. We need more strong bodies. I suggested the missionaries, so we’ll see if they can come soon, after General Conference.

When the girls got home from their dad’s house we had dinner (polenta & marinara, with meatballs or tofu, depending on your preference) and watched the Saturday morning session of General Conference. I had set the TiVo up to record it, but didn’t realize that we don’t get BYUtv. Grrrr… But, we can Airplay the BYUtv app to the Apple TV, which worked really well. I was totally anxious and stressed while trying to figure out how to make it work, but I calmed down a little after getting git to Airplay. And after “having words” with Hufflepuff about my expectations of her.

It was a good session. A lot of words for bingo, and some good talks for me to take notes on. Some great quotes, too, though my notes are downstairs so I can’t type them up right now. And a good time for Gryffindor to draw characters from Fairy Tail.

Hufflepuff only wigged out on one talk, which is good. The Chosen One retreated to the bedroom to play poker, which only amuses me a lot. We all have our ways to relax. Or he was relaxing while I vacillated between relaxing and stressing. Hufflepuff is a lovely girl, but she freaks out when something she disagrees with is said, which causes me anxiety while watching with her. Plus she had an attitude problem the whole time, which stresses me out. Bah. It’ll, honestly, be nice to watch with her sisters and without her tomorrow morning while she’s at her other church (we’re watching the Saturday afternoon session early Sunday, then going on through the Sunday sessions).

I feel so refreshed after showering, now to finish refreshing myself with sleep before getting up and starting a whole new day.