I’m learning a lot

And that’s in a real way. Not the “another freaking growth opportunity” way.

Church was good, and the class I was teaching seemed to go well, despite me forgetting my handouts (including Jacob’s 12 sons’ names) on the breakfast bar. Oops! Gryffindor is the president of her class (the Beehives) for another couple months until she graduates out of the class, so every 2nd Sunday she’s in a meeting for an hour after church. Ugh. Ravenclaw and I had some fun, though chatting with other people who were also stuck there and then nomming on snacks that were there for Relief Society. Hufflepuff had gone with us to church but snagged a ride home from my friend S.

On our way home we picked up Ravenclaw’s friend K. They are auditioning for the “4th grade solos and duets recital” tomorrow. I loathe these concerts. But, I will say, they sounded quite good practicing today. Maybe their concert won’t be as bad as the ones Gryffindor was in (though she sounded really good practicing, too. It’s all the other people that make me cringe). I did learn a lot about the new Taylor Swift song “Eyes Open” from the Hunger Games. I also learned that all of my kids can read music, and they think I’m an idiot for not understanding it. They don’t understand how I could have graduated and passed music classes not knowing this. I’m very grateful for the music program in our schools.

Later, while helping with homework, I learned far more than I ever thought I’d need to know about Bighorn Sheep. Ravenclaw is making a book about them. They’re not all that exciting (unlike the pikas that Gryffindor researched that year), but they are cooler than regular sheep. Gryffindor was doing homework on the computer, too, but hers was a powerpoint about Rafael Nadal, the Spanish tennis player. The Chosen One knew all about him. Gryffindor was impressed, as she knows little to nothing about anything sporty.

In other news The Chosen One and I figured out how to set up the pantries, and they’re all there ready for drawers and doors. I’m so excited! I’ll be able to actually put away all our food! Yay!!

My friend S, her daughter M, and her husband T came to visit us, and we had a nice little visit. They even brought us cookies! :) We had a nice little chat and we talked about a parable regarding anchors for boats, and things in life that anchor you that are good things (and things that weigh you down that aren’t good things, too). It was a nice chat.

And now it’s time for sleep again. Yay!