Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to the headache doctor we go…

The Chosen One stayed over last night, so I “slept” on the couch. I don’t sleep very well on the couch, but I’m the deepest sleeper, so it effects me the least. It will be so much easier once we’re married!!!

Anyhow, the appointment was in Boston at 8:30, so I dropped Ravenclaw with my mom a little after 6, made sure Gryffindor was up and eating breakfast, and checked that Hufflepuff had her phone’s alarm set to wake her up for exams. And we were off at 6:30. Ideally we’re a 45 minute drive to Boston, but that’s without rush hour traffic. And that doesn’t work for all parts of Boston. Also, we dropped my car off at work so I could get home again (the commuter rail out of Boston has a station a block from my work).

We got to the doctor 15 minutes early, so my calculations were right on! Filled out the paperwork, and got everything all set up, and then we were seen. I was really impressed by the resident (I believe) who we saw. I should note that while she was a neurologist (my despised medical profession), this group of doctors focused exclusively on migraine and headache. She was very willing to discuss alternative therapies (acupuncture was a pro, no chiropractor due to my neck & back arthritis), supplements, exercise, etc. She also noted that there were several meds that no one had tried with me, so there were lots of options. (No Botox off the bat, have to fail multiple drug treatments to get that)

One symptom I have that has baffled other doctors was a numbness, or lessening of sensation, in the right side of my face. It feels about 40% of what I feel on the left side, and it feels heavy, weighted. The doc said she had seen this quite a few times, though it was rare. She did some trick with a tuning fork and showed that it was definitely migraine that had done this, it wasn’t a pinched nerve. That made me feel so much better. Everyone else has been convinced it was MS or that I’m crazy, and it was great to hear it’s just part of the headache.

I left feeling very optimistic. We have some good (non-narcotic) drugs to try now, and quite a few options if these don’t work, plus a referral for Biofeedback and for Physical Therapy, plus the acupuncture suggestion. The Chosen One was with me, and I think he also felt hopeful when we left. Except that he was getting a cold, and he felt wretched. Yay.

The rest of the day was pretty typical – I went back to work, finished up there, picked up Gryffindor from her play practice (my dad picked up Ravenclaw from hers), and after hearing that my ex was stuck in traffic for the foreseeable future, I made a quick dinner for the girls, they did their homework, and then after I made lunches for tomorrow we read scriptures and House of Hades, and now it’s time for bed. Thursdays pass very quickly!

photo 1Yesterday’s lunches were cute though – love the little penguins! The girls were really happy to have them. :) I’m so glad my big kids still enjoy cuteness!