Friday night fun

So, after work today I met with the people at St. Mary’s, the school where Gryffindor wants to attend high school. It looks like they might be able to help her attend, they just want to meet with her. We’re going to cross our fingers that the meeting goes well.

We need to work on the girls telling The Chosen One where they’re going if I’m not home. It’s not a good idea for them to leave without telling him. Just as a thought. But once I brought home Ravenclaw she and I and Gryffindor found the bedding they want for their room. And then their dad came for them.

Then I passed out for a little while.

But tonight was date night for me and The Chosen One! Dinner from Qdoba and an episode of Psych (we’re several behind). It was lovely and just like the old days!

Now sleep because I have to drive Hufflepuff to horseback riding in the morning. Yay.